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Need LOTS of vibes for stray cat!!!

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Well, like always, another stray has managed to wind up with me. My husband was at a junk yard and found this beautiful himalayan cat. He is about a year old. He is bone thin... (you can't see the bones because of all the hair but you can most certainly feel them) He is covered in fleas, dehydrated, has an ear hematoma, isn't neutered and has a weak back end. (I think its from all the muscle loss) He is the sweetest little boy though... All I have to do is look at him and he purrs. He scarffed down a can of wet food (I didn't give him anymore yet because I dont want to upset his tummy)

Sadly, I can't keep him. I already have 10 cats as it is and know that I could not care for any more. Tommorrow I am taking him into work to be tested for FeLV and FIV. If he is negative, he will be going to a local shelter that I know won't put him down, no matter how long it takes to find him a home. (I use to work there so I know and trust these people. They have cats who have lived there for 5 years or more...) The problem is if he is positive for FeLV or FIV. The shelters FeLV and FIV homes are full, so if I brought him there and he tested postive, he would be put to sleep. Thats why I'm testing him at work... If he is positive, I am going to try and find a home that will take him.

I REALLY need FeLV/FIV negative vibes so he can go to the shelter and find a home...

I'll try and post a pic later of this sad looking little guy so you all can see who you are sending the vibes for...
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Many mega negative test for the little guy. Thank goodness your husband found him.
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Lots of vibes coming his way!
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For a negative test result.
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This is the little guy.... You can't really see how skinny he is in these pictures... If I had to guess though, I'd say he weighes maybe 4 pounds...

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What a precious little boy. I hope everything turns out well for him.
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oh my goodnes.... he is absolutely adorable!!! Sending many many get well vibes hs way
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He really is a pretty cat! Wow.

Any guesses on his age?

for negative results.

He is such a pretty boy, you would think he would find a home relatively quickly. If he is +, can you foster him until someone adopts him?
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I'm going to try to... I'm not as worried if he has FIV. He certainly won't be getting close enough to my cats to bite them. I'm mostly worried about him having FeLV. I may try to convice my friend to foster him if he is FeLV positive since her cat has FeLV...

We'll see... I'll let you all know in a couple of hours...
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Lots of good thoughts coming your way. What a beauty he is!
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Bad news....

He tested positive for FeLV...

I contacted the shelter in hopes that they had room for him at their FeLV/FIV foster home... no luck...

I dont know what to do... I dont want to risk infecting my cats, but I dont know what to do...

Does anyone know of ANY shelters that would take him in? I will drive anywhere in the state of florida to find him a place... I just really can't see putting this poor guy down. He was only a VERY weak positive on the test... I'm going to post another thread in the SOS section, but if any of you know of anywhere that would help I'd appreciate it...
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