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My Gaia has just crossed over the rainbow bridge tonight She had gotten sick a couple weeks ago, but with anti-biotics and some extra effort from me I thought she was recovering, I should have known better

Gaia was by and far the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen, a calico upon first impression, but looking closer she had so many facets to her beautiful fur coat. She truly was a special girl, always by my side, but she also had a decidedly diva air to her. She was royalty among cats and knew it! I'm so glad I had the chance to be her Meowmy, there is a big empty space in my house now. I don't usually share pics of my kitties in here, but I feel I have to show everyone how beautiful she was

RIP Miss G
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What a beautiful cat she was. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Oh Katie I am so sorry .........sending many hugs and vibes to you.

Rest in Peace Gorgeous Baby you are healthy and whole now
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Katie, I was so sorry to see this thread just now about Gaia.

Gaia you are pain free and completely healthy now sweetheart enjoy the rainbow.
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RIP Gaia.
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Katie, I'm so sorry

RIP sweet Gaia
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RIP Sweet Gaia

You were well loved and will be much missed. Watch out for Meowmy, sweetie. She's hurting just now.
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Katie I am so sorry for your loss.
RIP Gaia!
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Katie, I'm so sorry. Rest in peace beautiful lady.
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*hugs* Oh honey ... I am so sorry to hear of this. My thoughts are with you and I will be holding you close to my heart as well.
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So sorry about your Cat
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Oh No Katie I am so sorry RIP beautiful Gaia
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I'm so sorry to hear about Gaia! RIP sweet girl!
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Thank you so much everyone I am so glad I have TCS right at this moment
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Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your beautiful girl.

I am so, so sorry for your loss. She was so lucky to have such a special meowmy, and I'm sure she knows it and is doing what she can from over the bridge to comfort you now. She had a wonderful life, thanks to you.

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I'm so sorry, Katie.

RIP, Gaia. Know how much you are loved and missed.
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I'm so sorry, Katie. Thinking of you and Gaia. RIP sweet girl, knowing how much you were loved.
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Katie, I am so very sorry. Rest In Peace sweet Gaia.
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I'm sorry to hear of your loss, hon. She's such a beautiful kitty. RIP Gaia
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Oh sweet Gaia, rest in peace sweet one

I'm sorry Katie
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I'm so very sorry, Katie. Gaia was as beautiful as the model with the same name (almost...Gia...), and unfortunately was taken entirely too young too. But the way you spoke of her when we had brunch in August made me love Gaia from afar.

I never met you in person, sweet beautiful girl, but your sweetness and diva nature and funny antics came to life for me in your Meowmy's words and her love for you. You'll be missed, sweetheart!
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful calico, Gaia. I once cared for a feral long-hair calico and I know the hold they can have on your heart. She looks like a special girl. My sympahties to you and your family.
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Katie, I am sorry for your loss. R.I.P beautiful Gaia!
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Ohh, Im so sorry! She was a beauty though!

Gaja~ play happily over the bridge! Just follow the rainbow...
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Katie I am so very sorry for your loss

Your darling girl will find her place at the bridge and be waiting for you to be together again someday.

Rest in peace, beautiful Gaia
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What a beautiful girl she was!! I am so sorry to hear of her passing; she was lucky to have you in her life.
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Oh no Katie, what a terrible loss.
My heart goes out to you.

Rest in peace beloved Gaia.
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Oh Katie i'm so sorry! You expected her to leave you but it doesn't make it any easier

Play happily over the bridge Gaia you sweet girl. Your mum is going to miss you so much

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Katie - she was GORGEOUS. I especially love that pic of her in the sun, showing off her belly.

I'm sure it never gets easier, saying goodbye to your babies, and I'm SO sorry for your loss.

But I have to say, thank you so very, very much for being the person that you are and for giving these special and wonderful little furbabies a very safe and loving place to live while they are here on earth.
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I'm so sorry about your sweet Gaia. She was very beautiful, and what a lovely name. Play happily, Gaia.
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