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Mishka is sick :( - rabies vaccine?

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I took Mishka (4 months old) for her Rabies vaccine on Thursday the 24th.... she got her rabies, along with her last distemper booster. She was fine afterwards... but Saturday evening we started noticing that she was having diarrhea... and she is still having diarrhea today, and not very interested in her food... (even her wet food that she usually gobbles up in no time) We havent changed her food, or anything like that... so the vaccines are all i can think of that may be causing this... has anyone else had this problem? i'm worried to death
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I would call up your vet and find out if there is a reaction or something. You cannot let a 4 month old kitten continue to have diarraha - it will dehydrate them fast and you could lose her.
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I called the vet this morning, and asked if that could be a side effect, and they said yes, sometimes kittens will get diarrhea after vaccinations, and if it wasnt better in a couple days to bring her in.... but that was before i noticed her lack of appitite she is still playing and for the most part acting like herself..... but i'm just so so worried, maybe i will take her in in the morning
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it could also be stress from the whole vet visit. If she goes more than 48hrs without drinking she's got to go to the vet for fluid aministration, imho. Try some extra stinky canned food (like fancy feast) and see if that perks her up. If she'll eat it mix equal parts canned food to water, to keep her fluid intake up.
poor kitty.
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My cat Muffin had similar problems. The vet had me take him in. He was put on fluids to stablilize him. My vet says it was a reaction to the shot, and because of the risk involved, gives two different shots on two different days.

If your cat continues to be sick, take him back to the dr. Hope he inproves soon.
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