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How much?

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Jack is 6 months old and was neutered 2 months ago. We are feeding him Nutro Natural Choice kitten dry--just being free fed.

He hasn't been to the vet since his neuter and he weighed I think 4 1/2 lbs.

It was recommended on here to go ahead and stop the kitten food, since he is neutered but our vet wanted to keep him on til 1 year because he appears to have quite a bit of maine coon in him. I think we will finish our current bag then head to adult food.

How much should he be eating in a day?

Also, Nutro offers a few different flavors of dry food, is any one better than the others?

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Is he getting fat? Because cats grow until they're 18 months old. There's divided opinion here about whether to listen to vets or not. But I'm not trained in nutrition, and we fed our cats kitten food until one year old as per our vet's advice. None of them are fat, and we free feed.

I never worried about how much they should eat. Most cats self-regulate. What I do worry about is making sure I play with them a lot to ensure they're getting enough exercise. Four of them are 5 1/2 years old, and they're doing great. Flowerbelle and Shelly are still a little on the skinny side.

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I would stay on kitten food until a year, unless you are feeding the reccomended amount listed on the bag and the cat is getting pudgy, then i would switch to an adult food.
All of the Nutro Natural Choice is chicken based, and has flavoring added for salmon, seafood, etc etc, so i would go by what your cat has prefered in the past. my cat hates fishy foods, but loves beef, go figure. i think each cat is different as to their preferences.
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If he's gonna be a larger cat (maine coon type) then you can keep feeding him kitten food; otherwise IMO you can switch them to adult foods at 5-6 months old for a small or medium size cat.

My rex kittens were eating adult food at 4 1/2 months as they would have been far too fat if left on the kitten food.
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Thanks, I guess we'll go ahead and stay on kitten food til 1 year. Jack definitely isn't chubby, or too skinny. The vet said I should be able to feel his ribs but not be able to count each one. (It's hard to tell with a long haired cat, just what size they are.) We have gone through 3 bags of food since we brought him home 3 months ago (on halloween). They are the 3-4lb bags I think.

Jack does like chicken flavor, I guess we'll just stick to that. (He loves chicken in general, the only time he gets in my plate is if I'm eating chicken!)

Thanks again. Being a first time owner, everything is so new to me.

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