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Oh, YUCK!!!

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Oh my goodness.............I have NEVER in my life had roaches! Tonite I opened up the cabinet to get the salt and pepper~and one was hanging out on the door!!!

I am sorry, but that is just really yucky!!!

I sure hope he didn't bring any friends along.....
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Get some roach traps!!! Ewwwwwwwwww! Those things will multiply like crazy.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post

Get some roach traps!!! Ewwwwwwwwww! Those things will mulitply like crazy.
Bad thing is the neighbors behind us have them~and their 'lil girl comes to play because I do not have the heart to say no Could they come from her??
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post

Like Natalie said - I would be getting some traps for them before they MULTIPLY!
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They can be brought in by people. Roaches do not like light so it's possible that one or some larva may have been in her clothing. But it's also possible to bring them in yourself through bags of rice, even produce.
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Gross!!! Can't say I've ever seen a live (or dead) one in person.
I have pantry moths that I have to watch for.
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I'm wondering if your neighbors "bombed" their place & the roaches tried to escape over to your side...
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Mom hates them more than anything in the word. She went to a film about bugs in her 20's. Nothing bothered her except the roaches. I swear she was on in a past life or something. LoL

Yes they can came from your neighbors house. Yikes! There is never more than one.
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Originally Posted by ShopCat View Post
I'm wondering if your neighbors "bombed" their place & the roaches tried to escape over to your side...
I am also wondering this!!

I just hope that I dont have a whole family of them!
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At least you dont have to worry about 4 inch long roaches like this.

But on a serious note the pest roaches multiply very quickly and very fast. They like to emerge at night to eat the crumbs, and the rule is you see 1, there are 100 more hiding.

They like to hide in between stoves,microwaves, and toasters, all for heat.

One pregnant female roach is all it takes to get an infestation going, she can be pregnant for life! You also find roaches in beer stores too.

I knew someone who had roaches and without fumigation they never got rid of the roaches. Thats how hard they are to kill. In large infestations it takes two doses of fumigation and this bait they eat that quickly spreads a disease and kills more of the other roaches.

Roaches like to hide in colonies, they all sleep together. The ones you find running around during the day are looking for more space or there is a food shortage. In general seeing them during the day means you have a REALLY bad infestation!

Most likely you have either the american or german roach, but here are more possibilities.

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I know what you mean - I hate roaches and slugs. But yes he will have brought friends, so you'd better get some Raid roach traps out to put under sink or in the cabinets!
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That really sucks! Definately get some traps and spray, just be careful with the kitties so that they don't get into the poison. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by keith p View Post

That's a little bit more info than I wanted to see!

Just looking at a pic of those things makes me want to puke! EWWWWW!!!

If your neighbor has roaches, that's probably where they came from. Buy some of those roach traps - just in case there are more. Those roach traps work well..

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Ok, just seeing this post this late before bed is making my skin crawl and I think I am going to have some weird cockroach dreams or something tonight.
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Ewww...don't remind me!! Speaking of which when I went into the garage I saw one!

We have had problems with them recently...yuck! We have this spray that we use that is odorless and kills very fast and last for long time. It dries very fast also. The problem is, if you don't get them all, they never go away!!! GRRR...I don't know where they came from! We have never ever had them before!

I need to find that spray....
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Eeeeek!!!! I hate roaches.
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We had a problem with them a couple years ago. We got Harris Tablets and put them behind and under our refrigerator and the stove and that took care of them. They weren't too expensive either. And I felt safer with them than with sprays and things. I'll see if I can find their website.

ETA: Here is their website:
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