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my new kitten update!

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Hi everyone!!! I posted a couple days ago that i had adopted a new kitty from the pound, a 8 week old male shorthair tabby. Well I just wanted to tell you guys I love him SOOOO much. I thought the first couple days,maybe even the first couple of months would be hard, getting him used to everything, me and the dogs. But i have to say i am very impressed with my little boy. He is sooooo playful , and soooooo affectionate, he loves me and my roomie, always wanting to sleep on our laps and be pet, he purrs non stop, and I have to say he is NOT scared of ANYTHING! This little kitty has me wrapped around his little paw.

Ive never known a cat or kitten to be so amazaingly affectionate,playful,and un scared his first couple days in a new house away from his mom and siblings.

I still dont have a name for him yet, Im leaning towards Jack, but Im not really feeling it, if that makes sense. I keep telling my roomate his name will just come to us one day while we are playing with him and not to worry about the name.

He is so cute, my roomate doesnt like cats at all, and was telling me not to get one, she begged me, but once she met the little guy she is in love, she is more obsessed with him then i ever was. I cant believe how lucky i am to have found him.

The only thing he does that i dont like so much is he cries, its not all the time, just when he is put in his room at night or in the morning, and when he cant find me, I ignore the crying trying not to encourage it, and he is getting better, i know he just misses his siblings and mom.

I'll post pictures soon, but if anyone has any name ideas please let me know! He is a shorthair grey tabby (but not to tabbyish if that makes sense) He is super playful, fearless, and super affectionate, any ideas?

We were thinking Jack as in Captain Jack Sparrow, but I dont know if Jack fits. I need name help!

Thanks everyone!
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Awwww.... he sounds like a TOTAL sweetheart! :

I'm so glad things are going so well.

Sorry - I don't have any name suggestions.

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Is there no way he can stay with you at night - in the room possibly in a large enclosure of some kind with a little box, water and soft pillows?
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Awwww, he sounds so sweet! I can't wait to see pics of him!! I'm so glad your roommate fell in love with him too!

You are right about names...they do just kind of come to you after you get to know the kitty. If Jack doesn't sound right, how about Captain? Or, even Sparrow (strange name for a cat, I know, but I had a cat named Monkey!).
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With a kitten that young, its to be expected he will do a lot of crying. He misses his brothers and sisters. The ideal time to adopt is 10-12 weeks old or older. They adjust better.

Glad to hear things are going well, but in the future if you adopt kittens under 10 weeks, its better to adopt 2 at the same time.

I guess it would be ok to name him Captain Jack Sparrow - tho that's my future Ocicat's name....Charlie's brother
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