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Kitty treats

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How often should a kitty get a treat?
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My cats like Greenies and the crunchy purina tarter control treats...they've probably been eating about 3-5 pieces a day. I wonder if that's too much though because I don't know how healthy they are....I am considering filling one of their shakers with a healthy cat food they aren't used to and making them think that's a treat.
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Depends on what the treat is. Most times ours gets treats at least 6 times a week - mainly cheese or something like that. I don't consider giving boiled chicken as treats - its part of their meal if that's what we are having for dinner.

Charlie got those Feline Greenies at the show this weekend.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Depends on what the treat is. Most times ours gets treats at least 6 times a week - mainly cheese
I started giving Persi cheese a long time ago. He liked it a lot. Then I found some Vermont white cheese aged for 2 years and he about flipped out. He went crazy over it. Then not long ago, I found some Canadian cheese aged for 4 years. This stuff is strong to say the least. Now Persi hangs out around the fridge a lot, hoping that I am going to bring out the cheese and give him a treat! There is an old saying "the cheese is binding" but Persi has never had a problem (constipation) from the cheese I give him and I probably over do it but he loves it sooooooooo much!
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Swanie gets "treats" every day. The treats are Royal Canin dry kibble (not his normal food). He loves for me to toss it and he chases it and I pretty much can't get downstairs in the morning without "paying the toll." Occasionally I give them a little bit of plain chicken. Cindy's not so treat oriented, so she only gets the Royal Canin occasionally.
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"treats" should make up less than 10% of diet ..
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My cat only wants his cat food I have tried different "treats", but the only thing he has ever eaten other than his food is leftover white rice from the takeout chinese place....whatever!
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Mattie gets them twice a day after she takes her antibiotics. My SO is very liberal with treats which is not good because Mattie is no small cat.

Chloe gets them about 1x a day.

I buy all sorts of treats....right now I have some freeze-dried pieces of chicken and salmon, Meow Mix moist treats, and Temptations Hairball treats (for Mattie, which I buy even though they have petroleom in them). I have some Salmon Purrz somewhere but I won't buy those again.

I also buy the Feline Greenies and the Nutro Max treats sometimes or I just give them pieces of their regular dry food as a treat.
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Rokey's treats is/are Friskies tender cat treats,I give her one piece a day. It's salmon and shrimp flavored.
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