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Ginger (my wolf mix) had surgery today! She needs some vibes!

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My wolf mix, Ginger had surgery today....two actually. She had a tumor removed from her eye area and she also had another tumor removed from her side that had ruptured yesterday. The vet did a great job on the surgery so hopefully Ginny will be recovering ok. She is close to 13 yrs old now (her birthday is in May.) and the poor darling has been through surgery after surgery This past one today we went ahead with because the tumors are benign so we wanted to go ahead and get those off while they're still non-cancerous as she has had malignant ones in the past.

She is such a special girl to me. I remember the day we adopted her- she was about to be pts at our local shelter because she was a hybrid mix. My mom insisted they let us take her- and she's been our little sweetie ever since. She is pretty small for being a hybrid....she's mixed with Norwegian Elkhound and German Shepherd Dog. She looks mostly like an Elkhound but she howls just like her momma

When I moved in with Colin it broke my heart to leave her with my mom- but i knew it was best for her as she is soooooo bonded with her. So today i went and checked on my baby girl- she's recovering right now. She is NOT happy about the e-collar but she is keeping it on ok. Hopefully she won't have to go through too many more surgeries- i hate putting her through it, but the vet and us both felt it was necessary. My poor girl is just getting old Hopefully she'll feel better in a few days though. Can Ginger get a few "feel better" vibes?
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For Ginger.
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feel better vibes for Ginger
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BIG for a easy and quick recovery
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for Ginger to heal quickly!!
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Oh poor Ginger.... You & your mom must be worried sick!
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Sending tons & tons of vibes to Ginger
My dad has an Arctic wolf/White Ger. Shep mix named Shiloh. She has kept her "baby" ( a plush bear) in perfect shape for years, and she is sooo affectionate to her kitties
The wolf in them seems to make them extra-attached to the pack - she even guards the quail that my dad feeds in the yard - won't allow my mom's rottie-mix to hunt them OR to chase the cats
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Just a little update: i went over to my mom's house for a little while to check on Ginger today. My poor girl she looks pitiful! The incision sites look very good though.

Today was a really nasty day for weather (We had a tornado watch, high winds, and some heavy rain.) Ginger is a storm dog so she was flipping out. I was able to sedate her to calm her down-so that helped so she wouldn't rip out her stitches. My mom stayed home from work today to watch her and keep her calm during the storm.

Hopefully Ginger will be doing better in a few days...right now though you can tell she doesn't feel good and the stormy weather didn't help her anxiety issues. Thank goodness for her tranqualizers though! Hopefully she will sleep well tonight and get the rest she needs to recover well. I hate to see my girl like this She's getting old...
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Awww Nikki Ginger will be fine...I am sending many vibes for her anyway though
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Aww tons of healing & calming For Ginger! Hope she feels better soon!
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Sending lots of vibes for Ginger!
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Sending many vibes for Ginger. I know how upsetting it can be when a loved one (pet or human) has surgery, but once she gets some rest she will start feeling more like herself. Thank goodness for seditives!
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Thankyou again for the vibes. I appreciate it as does my mom. I talked to my mom again tonight- called to check on Ginger. She said she is doing a little bit better- she's not as stiff today and is walking around a little better so that's good. She also said the incision sites on her eye and shoulder area look good.

I just feel soo aweful that i'm not living with her right now to be there for Ginger...that dog means the world to me- she grew up with me and even saved my life at one point. To know she's getting soo up in her years and feeling so bad just breaks my heart I'm going to try and make it out there again this weekend to see her and bring her a little treat if i can take a break between work and moving. I miss my girl soooo much, but i know it was the right decision to leave her with my mom as she is soo bonded with her. I still feel like i abandoned her though
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
I miss my girl soooo much, but i know it was the right decision to leave her with my mom as she is soo bonded with her. I still feel like i abandoned her though
I understand how you feel. Several years ago I had to make a profound decision with my sister for our beloved Lady, who passed this last October at age 16. While Lady was a full member of the family, and everybody loved her, she was still my sister's and my dog, so it was up to us to make the final decision in this case.

Before I explain that, I have to explain that at age 18 I went to a college in a city 300 miles away from home (St. Louis). It was very hard to do that to her. She had always had severe separation anxiety, so obviously I was upset and felt that I was sort of "abandoning her," especially since I wouldn't be going home that much. I would come home during Christmas and Summer Breaks, and it really tore me up inside to leave her again.

Lady always seemed to love being with my father the most. When I was 21, my Dad got a really good job offer in Florida. My sister and I had to decide whether to let Lady move down to be with him. She was 13 at this time. We both decided that we had to do what was best for her, even though it definitely wasn't best for us. If even one of us had objected to it, Lady would have stayed in St. Louis. But she would have wasted away without him.

My family is not rich; heck, we're barely staying middle class. We all knew that we would not to be able to afford many plane tickets to Florida. So, my sister and I had to make this decision with full understanding that we would see her very, very little. Between the time she moved to Florida and her passing, my sister and I were only able to see her twice each, and for only about a week each visit. It was very hard to not be there for her in her declining years, and especially when things got really rough. I worried a lot that she felt we abandoned her (even though, in actuality, she was the one that left!).

It may not feel good all the time to put their needs and happiness first, but it's all you can do. Believe me, I know that's no consolation in situations like this. It's so unfair. I can't lie to you and say these feelings will pass, because they won't, and that's because you love your dog so much.

Speedy recovery vibes for your baby!

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Oh my goodness!!! I hope she heals quickly and fine!!!!!

I'm curious as to what she looks like.....Do you have any pictures?
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