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My "Kitten"

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Here's my big boy.... he's almost 6mo. now, and he just lost his baby teeth... and he's losing that "kitten face" too! But he's so handsome!

He was sleeping in the sheets with his head poking out, but as soon as I get out the camera, of course, he moves
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He is so handsome!!
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oh my he is handsome
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Very handsome fella!!
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He's handsome!
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Those eyes are piercing. Just a stunning boy all around.
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What a heart throb!! I am just in love!!
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What a great picture! And what a handsome boy!! I just love the little white patch on his chest
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Cutie.. I love his eyes.
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he is VERY handsome!! love that glossy black coat!!
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He is a hansome boy! I always found it a little sad when my babies started to look like grown up kitties. Then I remember that when the grow up they wake you up Less often at night.
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Oh what a gorgeous baby boy he is
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