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Outdoor cat gonna kittens.

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My outdoor cat is about a month pregnant. I'm not allowed to bring her inside and am worried about her. I'm trying my best to take care of her (money is kinda tight right now). I'm not sure when she is due but want to make sure that she doesn't have them under the house or anything, so I can be there to help if need be. Does anybody have any suggestions about what I can do to take care of her and the kittens when the time comes? As well as taking care of them until it's time to give them away? Thanks
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If you can, try to confine her in something - like a very large dog crate. Can you bring her in when she has them and confine them to one room? That would be best. If she's about a month pregnant, she has about 5 more weeks to go.

And you really should keep the family together and not adopt them out before 10-12 weeks old. So confining them inside would be the best thing. Do you have a garage or something that would work?
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Is there any way at all you can bring her in but confine her to a dog crate or something? Even a bathroom or your bedroom? She is just going to keep getting pregnant over and over again if she stays out. If money is too tight to spay her, it is better to splurge on that then having to buy all that quality kitten food for the mom and her babies. She will need to be on it until after they leave her. The kittens will also need 3 rounds of vaccines and dewormings too, that is way more expensive then a spay most places. Have you looked for low cost clinics to have her spayed? She will just get pregnant again right away after having these babies.

There is no way to control where she goes or where she has the babies if she is outside.
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Do you live with your parents or is there a reason you cant bring her in?? I agree, she is going to continue to get pregnant if she doesn't get spayed! If she can't come inside I would try a garage, but if she's wild thats going to be hard! Set up a cozy place for her to have the kittens, that is warm, and out of the wind! If you can make sure she can't get out of it it would probably be best! Is there anyone that can take her if she's tame enough?? A no kill shelter maybe?? She really should be inside while having the kittens to be sure of things... Let us know what you decide to do!
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I currenlty live with my parents. I'm planning on moving out within the next couple of months and am planning on taking her with me. We live in a trailer park and have no garage unfortunately. I would love to bring her in but for some reason my mother's cat (Marbles) has a allergic reaction to her when she is near the other cat (Maxie). She gets these sores all over her head and neck. Since Maxie has been outside, the sores on Marbles have all disappeared. I'm planning on to buy a small dog kennel that we can use for her. She used to be an indoor cat but escaped about a month ago (she was 6 months at the time, I do plan on getting her fixed after the kittens are weaned.). We didn't think she would come back but she did. So I plan on keeping her when I move out in a month or two. I'm just tying to keep her safe until then.
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Are you sure its not fleas that the indoor cat is having an allergic reaction to? Some cats can break out in scabs just from one single flea bite, you might not even be able to see any fleas on the cat. Have you tried treating the cat with a flea medication from the vet? Cats aren't usually allergic to each other...
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I agree - sounds like the outside cat has fleas. I've NEVER heard of a cat being allergic to another cat, but from your description, it sounds like fleas!
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We took her to the vet and got some expensive flea medication for her. We made sure to vaccum the entire house. It didn't work. She still had them and was getting more. When Maxie ran out of the house that is when her sores started to go away. Can't really explain.
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If your parents are really just not interested in helping, I feel for ya'. That is such a tough situation, and I'm glad that you are there looking out for this momma cat. She really is lucky to have someone like you looking out for her.

It's too bad that she is pregnant, kitten care is not cheap. The kittens are going to have to stay with their mom until 12 weeks. She needs to be eating kitten food because she is pregnant. She also needs to be spayed. It can actually be done while pregnant and then you wouldn't have to pay for spaying all the kittens and feeding them and paying for their shots, finding good homes, etc. but some people have mixed feelings on that. If you do decide to not spay while she is pregnant, she definitely needs to be spayed after the kittens are born. This is your parent's cat and they need to spay her. I realize $ is an issue, but there are many low-cost spay/neuter clinics (here, it costs $45 to spay at the low-cost clinic) and while $45 is not chump change, it sure is less expensive than caring for all the kittens that are on their way.

Here is a good link on this forum about kitten care resources:

I would keep her inside and just keep her in a seperate bedroom away from everyone, including your other cats. If the outdoor cat needs to be wormed and treated for fleas, that should be taken care of (although with her being pregnant, I'm not sure how you would handle that. Is that even safe??? Hopefully others can chime in). If they absolutley won't let you bring her inside, try to find some sort of outdoor shelter and put some blankets in it.
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So this cat use to be your indoor kitty? Hmmm, Thats terrible that they wont let the cat that use to live there back in! Not trying to critisize, I just can't understand not taking your cat back inside when it came home!

Can you find your own place sooner rather than later?? That way she would have a home?? Sounds like she's your kitty! Any pictures?? We love pictures... I hope you find some place to put her!! Good luck!
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