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Hello from New Zealand

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hi to everyone....

just thought I'd quickly introduce my cats and I to ya all on this site. I'm a 23yo male from NZ... I've got 2 male cats Onyx(2yrs1/4) & Zap(1yr1/3). Onyx is a black DSH and Zap is a black & white DSH.
I'd like to get a British Bulldog to join the family one day but that could be interesting..... I'm into cars, martial arts, and whatever else seems interesting at the time. i guess that'll about do it...

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Welcome to the site Jason! Glad you found us here.

We've got another member here from NZ, although she's currently living in the US. I'm sure you'll be hearing from her soon....

Feel free to jump in anywhere. Ask any questions, give advice where you can, and just come and hang out in the Cat Lounge with us.
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hey i just saw this post! its great to see a fellow kiwi!! woohoo!
I lived in welly for 2 years while i attended victoria uni.
welcome! i hope to see more of you around here!
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Ahhhh...NZ....warm climate. Can you tell I'm cold and sick of winter??

Welcome to the site and post some pics when you get a chance!

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Kass - if you ever visit NZ - I highly recommend it - let me know!
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I hope you know that once you return back to NZ, your going to get a Canadian visitor!

I have always wanted to travel there but money has always been the problem. I hate mortgages and renovation !!

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jason, nice to meet you!

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Kass - I was talking to my sister - she is the manager of a backpackers in NZ - we were talking about the people who come in and I asked her which country has the nicest people, she said canadians! so be very proud!
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Welcome to TCS! :blubturq:
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