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Very weird dream

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Last Thursday night I had a very vivid dream, and since I don’t usually remember my dreams I thought it was very odd. Anyways, I dreamed of a Tuxedo cat that needed my help. I remember in my dream I studied his face for a long time. The next day at work I was telling some of my co-workers about the dream. Someone suggested I go check out the local humane society, just to ease my mind. Friday night I went out to the shelter in search of a tuxedo cat. When I arrived, I checked out the cat room, there were a few cats, but no tuxedos. A lady came in and asked if she could help me. I asked her if they had any tuxedo cats, she said “Yes, in the back roomâ€. She took me back to a room where they keep the sick cats. Sure enough there were 2 tuxedos, but neither one was from my dream. I was getting ready to leave and the lady said she sorry she couldn’t help me. Well, I told her I just had this dream last night of a Tuxedo cat that needed my help. She got very white and started to tear up. There is another cat, yesterday someone brought in a cat that they had seen a neighbor slit the cats throat. Luckily they got to the cat in time and it’s at the vet’s being fixed up. She told me she had pictures, but they were very graphic. As she turned on the camera I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was the cat from my dream! She’s going to call me when he’s available to adopt, everyone that was there were all freaked out and seemed to think this cat was destined to be with me. Weird!!
What do you guys think?
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I believe that we have a wonderful Creator who works miracles for animals as well as people -
Bless you for paying attention to your dream - you are a real angel
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That is truly uncannyYou mmust be destined for each other!
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Went back to the shelter to see how the cat was. He was there with his nasty stiched up wound. The lady said the people that rescued it originally wanted to adopt it. I was pretty heartbroken about it, but glad he was going to someone that really wanted him. Two days later there was a message when I got home from work from the shelter, they wondered if I still wanted the cat. I called the next day and asked what had happened to the family that was going to adpot him. Evidently they took him home, and the crazy neighbor that had tried to kill him said "Oh I see that cat survived, I better never see him outside or I'll finish the job" These people were so scared that they brought him back to the shelter. I have him now
The poor guy, he's like an old warrior! Skin and bones, gashes on his ears and nose, that horrible wound. I noticed his front fangs are both broken. He needs alot of TLC that's for sure. Send for this poor soul.
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Aww! Bless his heart...I'm glad that your his new Meowmy.

To help him get better.
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OMG.....can we post that neighbor's pic on the internet??? Maybe some public attention will have a dampening effect on his willingness to brutalize cats

Could you maybe start another post for vibes for your kitty, as that is a whole 'nother issue & maybe it would get the response that the poor baby truly needs. Meanwhile, sending {{{{mega prayers and vibes}}}} out for speedy healing and for safety of other cats and your cat's rescuers, that they are spared from harm from that evil neighbor :vibe:
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Oh I can't believe I missed this!! That is so terrible!! What a
Can we see a pic of what the kitty looks like now??? Sorry if that sounds just wrong but Id like to see how he looks!! Have you found a name for him yet??
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wow that is a great story! good luck with the new kitty!
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Here's a couple of pictures. . .

and here is the actual wound on his neck. It starts from right under his chin and goes down to his neck

Right now I'm just calling him Warrior, as I feel like that's what he looks like, I'm sure that will change
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