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Mean in money and spirit

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My daughter is mending her broken heart by doing a season managing a ski chalet in the French Alps, and is thoroughly enjoying herself. She has also started going out with a 25 year old chef (she is 31) so things are going well.

Until last week, every one of her weekly groups of visitors have rated her 'excellent' for cooking. And she has been getting between 100 and 150 euros in tips each week to augment her very minimal salary. Then last week she had a group of ten young male advertising executives. Two of them were very picky eaters, no mashed potato, no roast potato, no cream in anything, nothing unfamiliar, etc. They kept asking her to make them omelettes instead of the featured menu, which she did. Then when they left she found that not only had she been left a measly 40 euros but they had marked her cooking as 'fair' on the feedback sheet. SHe told me she had gone really out of her way to accommodate them, and they were all young singles in really good jobs but very thoughtless.

Fortunately this week she has two lovely family groups to cater for. But how can people behave like that?
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Some people are just rude. It seems like the more money someone has the more heartless they are are.

Anyway, it sounds like your daughter is having a really cool time.
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I know all about that behaviour; I worked as a waitress when I was a student and the ones you bent over backwards to help were always the most ungrateful. It sounds like they were plain rude and mean!!
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Thats wonderful how your daughter is happy with her life now
So neat that she is working at a Ski Chalet, we wish her all the best!!
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group of ten young male advertising executives.
Maybe she should have served them while wearing nothing?

Sigh - these males just have no manners. Hopefully they will be the exception to her clientele.
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Well, I can see why they are single! Some people just like to be akward and make others feel as bad as they do

Hopefully she wont get any more like them!
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I'm glad that she is doing so much better. to the idiots. Someday they will get their just rewards.
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Jenny that's awful Some people just can't say anything nice about anything or anyone, but i hope she doesn't let it get to her, because others who do have a good word to say make up for the losers that don't.

I'm really pleased things are going great for her though
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They were indeed mean-spirited. Obviously, they used the excuse that the cooking was "fair" to undertip. No worries - karma will catch up to them and her other guests will more than make up for it, in the long run. I waited tables for years and never let the bad bring me down; some people can barely afford the food, let alone a gratuity, so they create problems just so that they can "save face".
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Well poo-poo on those guys. Your daughter sounds like a lovely person.
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Well, Jenny, what goes around comes around. Too bad she can't be a fly on the wall to see them get theirs. I'm glad that the rest of her experience is not like that one, and I hope things keep improving for her.
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if they were young, chances are they did not have a alot of money to tip.
or they where just being a a** and wehre joking about it on the way home.
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Ugh, I hate it when people make a fuss and get good service..then tip poorly. If anything she should have gotten a better tip due to her going out of her way to please them.
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Advertising execs + Y chromosome + picky eaters = a small tip. Your daughter's wonderful skills were not a factor in this equation.
I wonder if the jerks were on a business trip with an expense account. If so, I can't figure out why they didn't tip your daughter better. Sounds like they might have been padding the expense account in their favor.
Anyway, what a great job for your daughter, in the French Alps with a young cutie! Go girl! This week will be better.
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Your daughter sounds like she is doing a wonderful job and a new love too!!
As for last weeks "guests", they are going now, they probably thought they were funny.
How would they like if they got a "fair" rating as guests??? Because that would probably be a generous rating.
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Faith has talked to her resort manager about it and been told that as far as they are concerned she is doing a great job. These guys were in their 30s, paid in excess of 1200 euros each for the holiday, and then spent a lot on booze and clubbing, so they are not short of the ready cash. It was just mean. And apart from the cooking, she was clearing up after them all the time - they were just not nice guests.
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