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Go! Natural

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I've been wanting to change the type of dry food my cats have been eating since Boo will only eat wet food and I'm trying to find a type of dry food that he will like. Anyways, someone on here suggested Evo, but when I went in to get some food, the woman told me that only one store in the area is allowed to carry it, and its way out of the way for me. She suggested Go! Natural because the only other grain free foods they had where Wellness Core, and Nature's Variety Raw Instinct(which they were on).
Boo seems to like it, which is great. The kibbles are really tiny though.
Anyways, I don't know anything about this brand since I've never even heard about it before. Does anyone else feed this to their cats, and if so, how do you like it??
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I've fed it to my cats. They don't seem too fond of it though. It's a shame because it seems decent enough.

But why would you want to put your cat on dry anyway? Wet is much better for their health. I'm trying to get mine on wet food, but they are dry food addicts. *sighs*
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I would like him to eat a little bit of dry so that he can eat during the day if he gets hungry. He seems to always be hungry when fed only wet food since he's just so active and I'm only able to feed him wet twice a day.
He seems to love this new food, but I'm not quite sure yet if its because he really likes it, or if he just thinks its a treat and the novelty will wear off soon.
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I have tried a samle bag my cats wouldn't eat it, and if you read the label you will see it contains garlic. garlic is not good for kitties
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Oh really?? I didn't know that. Whats bad about the garlic? I'll have to find another kind of food after this bag's done then. I don't know what else to try though.
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Garlic is a catch 22... NO ONE know the amount that will cause anemia in any one cat ...
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Better to be safe then sorry though, right???I guess its just going to be more trial and errors then. He really likes this stuff too .
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