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to Damita! I sure hope she gets the full use of her paw back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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but she's using her box, right?

sorry i didn't see this earlier! & coming Damita's way!
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Sorry that I missed this thread earlier - sending mega prayers and vibes out to Damita that she has a speedy recovery
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Aww. Poor baby. Sending many healing vibes your way.

Damita reminds me so much of my tortie. In looks, and judging by your vet visit, personality too!
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I'm still praying her paw and any other injuries heal up for her!
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No improvement as of yet. Will probably call the vet tomorrow & book an appt. for Thur afternoon. I won't be able to get her in Fri...and don't want to wait til next week.

Besides, I'm pretty sure he said if no improvement within 3 days bring her back. I'd like to have an appt. "just in case".....but I'm not getting my hopes up here.
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Oh I so hope it gets better!! I was hoping for a more positive update!! & good luck!!
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We have usage of the paw!!!!

It's not much....but she did put her paw down & gingerly take a step! She's been holding it up otherwise....but that's one step in the right direction!!

One small step for Damita, one big step for feline-kind!
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Thats wonderful news!

More healing vibes for your baby girl
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give her time, i am more then willing to bet she leans how to get around
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Go Damita!
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Great news!!!

More for that little one!
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Thats great!! Go Damita!!!
More Coming your way!
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Good work, Damita! Keep up the progress.

I'm so glad to hear she is getting better. Hugs and positive vibes to all.
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Poor Damita!!! It's great to here she's using the paw again - even if it's just a little, that's progress! Are you still planning to take her to the vet tomorrow, or are you going to watch her to see if she continues to improve?

Vibes for Damita's foot to feel better!!!
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Didn't call the vet today....going to call tomorrow. We'll see if he wants to see her or if he wants to wait & watch.
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Prayers for her to get better.
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Oh, poor Damita! Kisses to her sweet little paw!
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kisses to the paw!!!!
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I'm still crossing my fingers for her! It sounds like she's making some progress; yay Damita!
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She was curled up fast asleep, I didn't have the heart to wake her. I will have to get her up & see how she walks, then call the vet.
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She has a barely noticable limp, but is otherwise walking on the paw!!!!

She's not holding it up when she sits down either!
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Hooray, Damita!!!!

These "handicapped" cats are so very special. Their determination to overcome everything life throws at them always manages to inspire me. I'm so happy for her, and for you!
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Oh Nat, I am SO relieved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been so busy yesterday and today this is the first time I'm getting to check in, and I've been thinking about the poor baby.

A barely noticeable limp? No more holding it up? GO DAMITA GO! :

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Yayyyy!!! That's the best news!!!! I'm so happy to hear it!
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So glad to hear that Damita's foot is feeling better!!!
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I'm happy she feels better.
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Just wanted to say how happy I am to know Damita feels better. I've been following her story and it's wonderful she can use her leg again!
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Glad she is better. The thought of a blind kitty who now couldn't even use her paw was horrible.
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