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Wow Nat that sounds terrible. Almost wish it was a broken bone at least you would have an answer.

Continued vibes for Damita.
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The possiblity that this isn't just in her paw, the nerve damage, makes me sick to my stomach. Because if this is in her whole body....there's no quality of life.
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Poor Damita! She must be very confused about what is happening. Tell her Seb says welcome to the Note-in-File Club! Sending lots of positive thoughts for this to be just a temporary thing.
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sending many many get well soon for Damita and her paw!
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Hmmmm....now I've got to deal with the LB issue. She can't dig. She can't bury. She was a feral, if she can't dig/bury....she won't go potty. I set up a low-sided LB for her, her cat bed, a blanket, food, & water in one spot. She's basically just sitting in one place. She hadn't moved from where she sat when she left the carrier when I checked on her....45 mins later.
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oh dear C'mon Damita, please be ok
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Oh no, poor girl! Any idea what the damage is from?

I know her life is difficult as it is - will she be able to manage without the use of a paw?

More for that sweet girl!
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That poor girl

I really hope this is only something temporary. Lots of get well for her!
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I just found your thread. Poor Damita. She must be so confused about what is happening to her.

I hope the shot works and she regains feeling in her paw and can overcome all the related issues. Hugs to you and many healing vibes to Damita.
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Awwww dear I hope she pulls through, I'm keeping her in my thoughts & prayers
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Oh, no

I am hoping that she will be up and walking soon, and that this is a best-case scenario
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Oh, no!! We're sending you many, many vibes that Damita will make a quick recovery.
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I hope Damita's condition isn't serious. Lots of headed her way.
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Sending lots of healing vibes for Damita!
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Oh no, just saw this!!!! I hope Damita is ok, and she regains use of her paw soon with no further damage. Sending lots of vibes
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Oh Nat - what a couple of weeks you've had! Did they tell you what could have happened to cause it? I mean - not that that helps at all - but - but - but - I'm just at a loss for words! Oh poor baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And plenty of for you to be strong for her through this!

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Poor Damita! Here's healing vibes for her and for you.
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your poor baby, i'm sending her mega healing vibes!
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How awful. I hope she doesn't have nerve damage anywhere else.
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Aww.. Poor baby! lots of for her!
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oh gosh that's terrible!!! All my thoughts and prayers that are now officially available are for poor little damita!!!
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Oh no, poor girl! Any idea what the damage is from?

I know her life is difficult as it is - will she be able to manage without the use of a paw?
I really truly had no idea what happened. Basically, she was fine last night at midnight when she had supper. At 7am this morning she wasn't using her paw. Whatever happened did so in those 7 horus.

Now, the vet said that if it is a temporary thing....she probably just landed wrong (you know, blind cats take death defying leaps off lord knows where all the time....good luck stopping them! ). He compared that possiblity to you waking up after sleeping on your hand.

The other possiblity is that she got stepped on, got her foot shut in a door, or who knows what. Now, I've got an 85# dog & a 55# dog that could've stepped on her. Or she might've been playing "footsie" under the front door when dad left this AM (he said he never saw her this morning)....and had her foot slammed in the door. If that is indeed the case....she won't ever have use of her paw again.

With everything Damita has been through in her life, I am confident that she'll take this in stride. If it comes down to it, I will make a decision that might be needed.

I just got home from work, she's curled into a tiny ball under mom/dads bed....I am not going to disturb her until it's suppertime....then I'll be back to let you know if her paw is functioning at all or not.
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A link to pics & videos.


Her paw is definately better tonight, I'm positive. She is now setting it flat, whereas this AM it was always curled under. I'm daring to get my hopes up. My girl's a fighter.
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Poor baby! I'm praying she will be ok and have the use of her paw! Please keep updating us so we know too.
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I hope she keeps improving
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What a sweet wonderful girl! I was going to ask if she was diabetic, but it sounds like an injury now.
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Poor Damita! Major recovery vibes for her!

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She's such a pretty girl too! And like a queen she eats at the table!!

Im sending that it will heal nicely!
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No improvement from last night to this morning, I was hoping she'd have more use of the foot.

Somehow she's figured out how to get into the big rubbermaid tub I use as a litterbox. I set her up a small one on the floor & she won't use it. She's also getting onto the table to eat by herself.
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Well at least she figured out how to get into the litter box and on the table!
I really hope she gets more use of it!! Love the new Siggy of her by the way, its cute! Healing coming her way!
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