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wild man!

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Oh my goodness, Diego was so crazy this morning! He was attacking my daughters carseat!!

"Arr, I will get you, you horrible beast"

"shucks meowmy ya caught me"

Trying to look innocent, but you can see it in his eyes!!
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Diego is adorable!! : Love the expression on his face in the second photo!
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i love it when they go crazy like that! my 2 hooligans were chasing each other in and out of the bedroom at 5am this morning, that wasn't so funny!
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lol love the look on the 2nd photo....
I didn't do anything!
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very sweet!
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He's cute & you can totally see it in his eyes.
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Dont you mean Diegos car seat?!
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So cute!!

funny Diego....
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
Dont you mean Diegos car seat?!
LOL!! Yeah, that is more like it!
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