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CFA - Canada

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Can someone tell me what the Canadian equivalent of the CFA is? Are there other recognized cat registries in Canada?

We are thinking of a purebred cat and I want to make sure I am checking out the right websites.

Thank you,

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Well, CFA has Canadian regional branches. I haven't found any specific cat breed associations for just Canada. I have found that CFA does tend to show more in the Eastern part of Canada, and that TICA has more shows in my area in the West.

My cat is registered with CFA, but I will be double registering him with TICA as well.
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Is the CCA - Canadian Cat Association like the CFA? Can a CCA cat transfer to CFA.

Sorry I don't know if this is the right place to ask this. I figured the breeders and show people here would be the most informed about this.

Thank you so much for your answer,

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ACFA also has shows in Canada.

I think the CFA equivalant is Canadian Cat Association - but not sure how much shows they put on. You would do right by registering in CFA to be sure your cat is accepted by the other associations.
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GoldenKitty45 that is exactly my thinking.
I guess I need to go ask someone at the CFA if CCA cats can be transfered to CFA....or I could avoid all this by just buying a CFA registered cat to begin with. A number of the breeders I have looked at mention CCA but not CFA. Would like to support Canadian breeders if I can.
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I'm sure you can, just that you'd have to read CFA's requirements - you might need a 5-7 generation CERTIFIED pedigree if they are not CFA registered cats.
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It would be easier to buy CFA and register them with the Canadian registry. Wouldn't buying a cat from a Canadian breeder be supporting them no matter what registry they work with? CFA is the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats, there is no equivalent.
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Unless of course you're looking at buying Bengals, Munchkins and others, then CFA will be of no help to you at all.
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