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Question of the Day - January 27th

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Here's another question compliments of Rigel!

-You feeling today a little blue..(for something not serious but keep your attention on it and that made you feel a little blue) ¿What you do for yourself to give up?...for cheering to you yourself and keep the good mood?..

If I'm feeling a little sad I usually just cuddle with my kitties, and I take time for myself, read a magazine or book. If I'm feeling blue the very last thing I want is to be around people
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When I'm feeling down I normally will go around the house opening every window and curtain letting in as much light as I can. I love the sun and it just makes me feel better.
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I find exercise helps if I am feeling down, I generally take a nice long walk, or if that doesn't work a hot bubble bath. I also do not like having people around me either.......but hey I a bit anti-social at the best of times..
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Feed my face!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Feed my face!
oh yeah! Forgot that part!!
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Retail therapy always makes me feel better
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I play with my cats ...
or just go on the computer and play a game.
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I usually either play with the kitties, take the dogs for a walk, or go out and work with my horse. Sometimes I like to write too, which really helps.
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Going for a walk, playing/snuggling with kitties, losing myself in a book all work for me!
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I exercise. I like to go to my club and I get to see my friends there and I get out of the house!
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I usually read, or eat,, or play computer games.
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Whenever I'm feeling blue - I just have to get my mind off of it.
I watch a movie, play a video game, snuggle with our kitties, paint, stuff!
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I turn on some heavy metal music, like...Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, etc., and jam like there's no tomorrow!! Ya gotta turn it up full blast for it to work!! The best place to rock out?? In the car!!
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Shopping and eating always help any sad feelings.
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cool answers!...

For me.....well It depends, some times with just heard music,...sometimes with drink something that you want in the moment,..for example: a beer, a tea, I don´t know,... what you want in the moment!.......But the best remedy is to sitting in the back yard to see the plants , to feel the air and to see at your kittys playing on it!..
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I normally take a bubble bath with my Lush products ( ) and have a glass of wine to help me mellow out a bit. Other times i make a nice iced coffee at home and a little piece of chocolate. Sometimes i just need a good just depends on the situation!

My animals ALWAYS make me feel better though- so i like to just spend a few minutes snuggling with them or playing with them. A good comedy helps too!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Feed my face!

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feed my face, play on the computor
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