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Roscoe on his new tree

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We bought a new cat tree for our babies, it was delivered a few days ago. Roscoe was playing on it before I even had it all put together! The tree itself is nice but it's a little smaller than I was expecting.... It might not be as fun for them when they get fully grown b/c they might not fit into the holes anymore Our other kitty Peaches isn't as adventurous and has yet to climb up onto it and try it out.

Here are a few of Roscoe testing it out. He can't decide which way he likes to sit on the hole....

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What a gorgeous little boy he is. He's got a mischeivous look like my Jack as well though
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awww how sweet!!!!
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Aww.. He looks really happy
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Roscoe is one happy boy in his new tree! He is such a cutie pie!
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aww, what a gorgeous boy he is!
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Roscoe you are so handsome!

Looks like he`s claimed that tube as his!
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you are so lucky I do not know where you live because I would come over and steal Roscoe!
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He looks to have claimed the tube as his own. Very cute.
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He is so handsome!
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Aw! It doesn't look like Roscoe likes that tree at all.
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