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I found him a home!!

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My orange boy that is! One of my friends lost one of her cats about three months ago. This weekend we were hanging out and she mentioned that she had been thinking about getting another. I told her about Charlie and she wanted to see him right away! We went back to my house and he must have known he was going to have a home because he was waiting for us! We took him over to her place and introduced him to her cat and they even got along right away. I am so happy that he has a home now, and it is one I can visit him at. It was like a match made in heaven!
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That is wonderful news that he got adopted! Its so great that he got along with her other cat - must of been meant to be! Hope he enjoys his new home
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What great news for you and for Charlie!!
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That is wonderful news!
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That's great! It's such a good feeling to match a pet to the right person.
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Awwwww......and that's great that you can see him, too!!!
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That's great! I'm so happy for Charlie and your friend!
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That's amazing! It's so wonderful when things work out like that!

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Awww, wonderful news for Charlie
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I am really happy that he has a new home too. I will take some pictures of him and his new buddy to share with you guys next time I am over there.

I have a new visitor now that has taken up residence under my sunroom. The new kitty is scared of me though. How do I gain it's trust, or should I just move right along to getting a trap and cathing it?
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We trap 'em, spay/neuter them - and then worry about what to do with them. Sometimes after the spay/neuter they foster inside well - other times it makes more sense to release them. It really depends on the age of the cat and whether they're stray or feral, what the weather is outside...

Sometimes strays act like ferals - until the vet visit - and they can become needy and open back up to human interaction again pretty quickly. Of course, they can be upset and sulk about it too. There's just no way to know in advance.

But it's getting to be that time of year - so my vote (so predictable!) is to spay/neuter and then decide whether to put back outside and work on socialization or stick in a spare room and work on socialization. You can always give it a week or two - or if a female, at least a few days while her spay incision heals. If it's a female, best to ask the vet to use dissolving stitches so she doesn't have to go back to have them out though - that leaves your options open.

OH! And if she/he gets food and water from you regularly inside for a few days after a spay/neuter, they'd be more likely to stick around when you release them back outside.

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