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My cat acts wild.

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Roke likes to run around and play soccor with her ball toys. I should be glad that she likes them. But I do find it irritating when she starts running and jumping around,I'm afraid that she might break her neck or damage something by knocking something onto the floor. Is this normal cat behavior? Should I let her express herself,or should I disaplend her? (I don't know how to spell that word)

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It's completely normal cat behaviour. Cats are small predators and they need to hunt/play and get rid of their built up energy.

If you want her to play differently you'll have to try to play with her yourself more. I.e get Da Bird or another cat toy like that and spend half an hour to an hour every day playing with her so she gets tired.

She might be slightly less manic in running around then but yes, running around like a madcat is completely normal.

Don't discipline her for acting like a cat. She can't help it. If you try to take away her natural behaviour without giving her another outlet for her nature (i.e by playing with her lots yourself for example) you'll end up with a very unhappy cat.
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Agree, it's normal. And also with DaBird suggestion

If you have things she might break you really need to kittyproof your house to keep her safe (and you too)
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I would suggest that you look around and see if there are any particularly potential problems that could be dangerous for her to encounter (by accident or otherwise), whether things sticking out into her 'space', or gaps in upper stair rails that could be blocked off for a few months til she's grown more, or just things you consider valuable and breakable that could be removed temporarily (as you'd do for a small child) - and don't forget how high she can jump, pulling things down). We've all had to do it at times and it helps avoid disciplinary times and saves our 'stuff' from breakage.
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Perfectly normal, my 2 boys are completely insane and are always flinging themselves around in pursuit of a toy - Sonic particularly enjoys till receipts and can play with them for hours on end. They crash into things occasionally but we've not had any injuries, it's just typical cat behaviour, if they don't have to hunt for food then they will practice their skills by playing
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It's like the Formula One Grand Prix in my house when the 3 of them start
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Lucius and Geran used to run around almost every other hour like two year olds on a sugar high. They've calmed down a little bit since then, but they still run around like crazy for a few hours after they've been fed.
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Yes, this is purrrfectly normal behavior. When my cats get running around, you would think there was a tornado in the house Needless to say, I don't have things sitting around that can be easily broken
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