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I didn't get the job

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I applied for a job last week and went on an interview but the owner decided to hire her sister back instead. I filled out an application for walgreens. I stopped by there tonite and they told me that they do online applications.. so that is what I did. My search continues.
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am sorry to hear
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Im sorry! Sending many for a job soon!
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That stinks

I'm sure you'll find something soon.
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Sorry to hear that. But, hang in there something will come along soon
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Sorry to hear about you not getting that job but hopefully an even better job will come your way instead! Good luck on your job search!
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I'm so sorry! I went through the same thing about a year ago & I know how frusterating it is
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So sorry. Isn't hiring one's sister called nepotism?
Something better will come your way. Wishing you good luck.
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Well that stinks.

You know, that just means that there is something better out there for you Sending many vibes that you will find the right one
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I am having the same problem as you. When we Moved here from the Bay Area I had to quit my job i had for over 15 years. Everyone wants Online Apps and they never call me. I am stil searching for a job. I hope you find one.
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It probably wasn't the job for you then.
I have been in the same boat, and just got a job in September, it's so diapointing to be considered but not get the job. I hope the next place that calls will be better.
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I'm sorry you must be very disappointed
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