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Vaccine reaction 48 hrs later?

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hello everyone! my cat was brought in as a stray and i got her first round of shots 3 weeks ago along with deworming and de-flea and she did just fine with all of it at the same time.

this week she went back for round 2 - FVRCP, FIV and FELV....

she was fine until today...i noticed that she has been laying around more than usual. she is eating (which is a good thing) but just not nearly as much as usual. i also noticed that she is not one bit interested in her favorite mouse toy on a string that she normally goes NUTS for. that is what worries me the most. she just looks at it when normally she would run after it and get excited as soon as she saw it.

the vet said she is about 1.5 years old

i am just wondering if anyone has seen their cat get a reaction as late as 48 hours after vaccines....should i be worried?

also, if she WAS already vaccinated in the past (we assume she had SOMETHING since she was spayed already) should the vet be giving her all of these vaccines? i thought 3 weeks apart was just for kittens, not full grown cats. (unless my vet is just assuming the cat has had zero shots since she was a stray)

thanks for any help. i feel like a nervous mom. this is my very first kitty who stumbled into my life unexpectedly so im still learning as i go along.
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You vet is following proper protocol for a cat with no vaccine history. Think of vaccines as being like holograms of the actual virus, to teach the body what to look for and how to react properly (anitbodies). If the body has neve seen a particular disease before, it tends to "forget" for lack of a better term and needs a few reminders (boosters). Now if you think of vaccines in those terms, some bodies have longer memories than others. Some can remember what it "looks like" for a year up to 7 years! But since the minimum for most is a year, that is what they must be labeled for.
Over vaccination is always a concern, especially with all the issues that can emerge from over vaccination, but most of the things our vets vaccinate for are diseases that there are no treatment, no cure, the kill cats. Scary thoughts.
After the first round of shots and boosters, what i reccomend, if you are concerned about sarcomas, vaccine reactions, and actual contraction of viruses of MLV's, ask for titers tests instead of vaccines. A titer test determines whether or not your cat still recognises the disease as a threat. If they do, great! you don't have to vaccinate, if they don't, then it's time for a booster. Simple as that. Titers do cost a little bit more, but in the long run the benefits outweight the costs imho.
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FIV and FELV vaccines are Contriversial ...

Call the vet in the morning

The vet did the right thing for a unknown history( giving the series)
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I think so. he did right thing
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thank you so much! i feel alot better just reading your posts about the vet doing the right thing. i was so scared that she was being over-vaccinated.....that bela was already vaccinated and that me vaccinating her again was doing her harm.

the first thing i did this morning was take out her favorite toy, mousey.

she went crazy with it, just like she normally would and i noticed that she ate a little bit during the night. i nearly cried, just knowing that she was feeling better

now i can go to work this morning and not be worried about her.

thank you again for your responses. i really appreciate them!

it's amazing how a stray can walk into your life one day and change your whole world! its so strange to say but i suddenly feel like a "mom" with all the worries and concerns that go along with it, if that makes sense!

have a lovely day, everyone!
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