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My last cats name was Kudos names after Kurt Cobain (its was his nickname) and it also meant glory and fame apparently in greek and Kudos did believe he was full of glory and fame.

Our new Russian Blue baby girl has been names Nevaska (prefix) Anya Mika and the reason we chose the Anya Mika is because Anya means grace in russian and Mika is God's Child in russian so Grace God's Child! we like to have meaning behind the name and we call her Mika for everyday use which is just cute by itself and she answers to it! We took days of going through russian girls names before we both agreed on her name it was a toss up between Lilia and Anya (Lilia being a form of blue in russian).

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Oreo: She was already named Oreo when we got her from the shelter. She knew her name and we did not want to change it. It fit her fine. Now that she is a bit pudgy we call her Double-stuffed Oreo.

Snickers: We got her as a kitten with her brother (Marbles over the bridge now). She has the colors of a Snickers bar and we thought it was a cute name.

Jazz: He was named Astro at the shelter. I kept thinking of the Jetson's dog so I wanted to change it. He did not respond to Astro so I did not feel bad about changing it. We watched him for several hours and the name Jazz seemed to fit him perfectly. Especially he likes to do the "Jazz hands "paws" ) a lot. Our boys think we named him after the Transformer Jazz.
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Monster- when i got him he was really teeny tiny. i wasnt very experienced in sexing kittens, & i asked the man who found him if he knew what sex the kitten was, & he said a girl. so i decided to name "her" Bella, just bc i like the name. he had gone to the vet several times & they never told me he wasnt a girl. but his nickname was monster, bc he was really bad & crazy, but oh-so-adorable. when i finally asked, bc it looked like he was growing a lil something extra, & the vet confirmed that he was infact NOT a girl. i wasnt sure on boy names, so the nickname monster, stuck around as his real name.

Mittens- was already named when i got her, & she comes to that, plus i liked it anyway & didnt change it.
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Dion - Named after Dion and the Belmonts old rock and roll band from the early 60's. They sang "Run around Sue".

Frankie - named after Frankie Valli Another Oldies singer.

Bast - egyptian Goddess

Stanley - Named after Stan & Ollie the old comedians.

Ollie - Same as above, they are littermates

Zoey - Is Zoey

These are my current cats. I didn't list RB Cats
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My cats now:

Rocky -- Two different explanations for this one. Originally, my cousin (who rescued the boys) named them after Rocky and Bullwinkle, but after "Bullwinkle's" name was changed, she decided he was named after Rockefeller Park in Cleveland, because they were found near there.

Oliver -- Named after the cat from the Disney movie "Oliver and Company" (which is of course, an adaptation of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist).

RB cats:

Taffy -- She was a chocolate-point Siamese cross and was sort of taffy-colored when she was a kitten. She also stuck to my mom constantly.

Lucky -- When she was rescued at four months old, she was starving and had fleas and a collapsed lung. The vet didn't think she'd make it to a year, but she lived to be 13 before she went over the Bridge in 2005.

Miles -- His full name was Miles Standish Silverburg Davis Donovan. My mom rescued him the day before Thanksgiving and he was black and white, hence the "Standish." "Silverburg" is after the character on "Murphy Brown," which was one of my favorite shows (yeah, I know that dates me). My godfather added "Davis" after the musician, and "Donovan" is our last name.

Peaches -- The little girl whose mother's cat fostered her and her brother named them, but the name made sense because she was a calico and her orange spots looked sort of like peaches. My dad joked that she was named after the musical duo Peaches and Herb.

Nibbles -- Peaches' brother was originally called Pears but got the name Nibbles after he developed the habit of nibbling on toes. My dad jokingly called him Herb (see above for an explanation).

Whiskers and Kitty -- Not terribly original names, sorry to say, but those were the names they had at the Humane Society when they were adopted.

Samantha -- My mom named her, I think after the actress Samantha Eggar.

Thomasina -- Either because she was found at St. Thomas Hospital where my mom worked or after the movie "The Three Lives of Thomasina"

Silly -- My mom named him, I think because he was always doing silly things to get her attention when he was a baby.
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i got a pair of kittens in november of 1997. i had read "The Cat Who Walked Through Walls", & really liked the name Pixel... anyway, i ended up w/a solid blue cat & a black/white bicolor. i ended up naming the bicolor Pixel & her littermate was Mouse [to go w/Pixel!]. this started a trend - & all of my furbabies are named after computer related things... Pixel, RB Mouse, Cable [thought she was male when i first got her], Java, Chip & Firefox!
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Kisa May:

Kisa: Based off a character from a show I like who can turn into a tiger.

May: The month I got her
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Albus's original name at the shelter was Dumbledore, the character from Harry Potter. Albeit a little long, it was a good name for him- he seems very wise.

Shortly after JK Rowling "outed" the character, they changed his name to Gorgeous George. I'm going to choose to believe that the character being gay had nothing to do with their decision to change the name Sometimes, when a cat has been there for awhile, they'll change his name in hopes that the new name will catch someone's eye on and they'll get adopted.

Anyway, we decided to call him Albus, Dumbledore's first name, since we're big Harry Potter fans and it's a shorter, but still named after the character he most reminds us of....though sometimes it's more like Fred & George
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Max & Sarah were the names given to them by the adoption center and we thought they fit we like people names for our cats.
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Capone: Came with the name Thumper from the SPCA and that was a little too cutesy for my little terror (oh boy, was he bad as a kitten!). My boyfriend and I love the Mafia flicks so Capone was a pretty easy name to think of for us.

Bugsy: Came with the name Snowball. We named him Bugsy to go with Capone and it was really the only other mafia name we could think of that would be good for a cat. For a long time we just called him “The white one†until we thought of a name LOL. Either way, he comes to any name we call out, my little sweetie guy.
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ive already posted how my babies got their names but reading everyone else's made me think of my favorite blogger and how she named her kitty. it makes me think of how we acquired patchy and how we learned her name.

if you read it, bring tissues. just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

i hope no one thinks im spamming or anything; i just love the story
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Hermione: We are Harry Potter fans and the name fit.
Ginny: It matched with Hermionie's name and it fit her for some reason.

Before we thought of names we called them the black one and the grey one
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Wesley: I was trying to come up with a name for him and was watching a movie and the character's name was Wesley and I thought that was cute.
Sox: Well, we are big Red Sox fans!
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Arwen - named after the Lord of the Rings character, and also because her ears look like elves ones (according to my dad )

Shark - Because she bites your ankles/thumbs/fingers when she is hungry.

Brandy - The parents named him, us kids here didn't have any choice in that one!
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Dave - When we found him as a stray he was this chilled out old man that acted like he was stoned all the time...Dave just sounded right & he responded to it straight away. Mind you he also walked in our house like it had been his home for the last 10 years!

Bingo - The first pet my partner and I got together. When we first met, everywhere we went they were having a Bingo night, and we kinda became a laughing stock because of it. There was just no other name!

Critter, Gremlin & Gizmo - The 3 feral kittens we reared last year. They were PURE EVIL at just 5 weeks!

Donut - Our British Blue baby - very chubby, & not the brightest bulb in the box! My 10 year old stepson named him & he sort of grew into the name!
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My ex husband decided I could get a kitten as long as it was a girl as every male cat he ever had sprayed, so we went to look at a litter of 6 week old kittens and I fell in love with a buff tabby that I was pretty sure was a boy (it's kind of hard to tell at that age) and the lady who owned the mother cat (a half wit who let her cats breed out of control) said it was a girl too so I grabbed him and said I was going to call him Lulu.

Well Lulu learned his name and responds to it really well, so four years later I have a big, sooky Tomcat called Lulu. I get a few raised eyebrows at the vet but I am used to it.

My ex was totally in love with Lulu by the time it got obvious he wasn't a girl.
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Hester is named after a professor at the university my husband and I were both attending when we got her. Ridley is named after a dragon from the video games series Metroid.
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Matilda - When I adopted her, I had a list of potential names. Matilda was on the list because it's the name of my favorite childhood book/character (the book is by Roald Dahl). My SO didn't know this, but he jokingly suggested the name when we were trying to decide. I told him I was thinking of it too, and she just looks like a Matilda. She had a previous name, I think from a previous owner or maybe the shelter changed it. It didn't fit her. I like that we could call her "Mattie" as a nickname because (a) she always looks mad and (b) her hair is long and is therefore prone to matting.

Chloe - we just liked the name. My SO really liked the name Zoe (he tried naming Matilda that too). I really liked the name Sophie. We compromised and chose a name similar to both that we both liked...Chloe. It fits her spunky little personality. We actually usually call her Witty though. I wish I had a better story behind the name Chloe but I don't.

Other cats in my life....

Roo - This is my dad & step-mom's 10-year-old cat that they've had since he was 2. They adopted him at the humane society, I don't know if Roo was his original name. If not, then my step-mom probably named him that after Roo from Winnie the Pooh. I have no idea.

Ivy - This was my mom & step-dad's cat that we had from the time I was in middle school until just after I graduated from college. This was her name at the shelter, I suspect that she had been there since Christmas (we adopted her in April). It's not a name I would have picked but we didn't change it.

Diadora - This was a kitten that we only had for a week. I was in middle school and a girl on my younger sister's soccer team had a cat that had kittens. Diadora was one of the kittens. She was a cute little black and white kitten. I don't remember the details because it was so long ago, but somehow Diadora was hit by my mom's car as she was parking in the garage. We rushed her to the emergency vet but she was just so tiny that there wasn't any hope. Diadora is a brand of soccer clothing / products.

Calvin (& Hobbes) - Calvin was only my cat for a few days, but now the 2 of them live with my friend's parents. I think they are about 8 now. Anyway, they are named after the comic.

Lucky - my dad's older cat from a while ago. "Lucky" because was hiding on a tire of a car and didn't get killed when the car was leaving the parking spot.
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Mary-named after my beloved grandmother who passed away.
Cleo-ex husband thought he looked like a Cleo.
Seldon-My daughter was reading a book by an author named Seldon and named him that.
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Morgan is named after Captain Morgan rum (never let a friend name your cat but it fit so meh)
and Luna is named after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter!
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Since I live close to Disneyland, and I am there ALOT (members in our family call Disneyland our "playground"), we wanted to name our cats Disney names.

Since my brother LOVES both Disneyland and trains, he wanted to name his cat that combines the two. RIPLEY is the name of my brother's favorite train at Disneyland. It just so happens that it was Walt's favorite train as well.

CALI is named for the other Disney theme park, California Adventure. Somethimes we call her Cali An because Disneyland is in Anaheim. And when she is in trouble, we say "Cali An, what Adventrues are you getting into now."

Right now I am a HUGE fan of C.S. Lewis, especially his series THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA. Because of this, if and when I get more cats, I would like to name them after characters from the books. These are some of the names I would like to name them: Aslan, Narnia, and Thumnus. There are others, but I cant think of them right now. But they have to "look" like the names in order for me to name them the names. I was going to name Cali Aslan, but she is a she and not a he. And besides, she doesn't look like an Aslan anyway. So she is Cali. A name that suits her PERFECTLY!!!!
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Hatchet: He got his name because of the hatchetman,Psyhcopathic Records logo.I said the next pet rat I would get was being named Hatchet.Turned out,I got this kitten before another rat and so I named him Hatchet.My daughter calls him "Patchet" and "Patchetman".

Benjamin : I named him that because thats my favorite male name.He was actually called Ratchet (to go with Hatchet) at first.But after a few days I realized Ratchet really didn't suit him.After some thought,Benjamin kept coming to mind and it seemed to suit him and so it stuck.
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Peek-A-Boo was named after the song of the same name by the band Devo. xD Peeki used to haaaaaate that song when he was little, he'd flick his tail and get very angry if he heard it, it was the cutest thing ever, and it just stuck.

Skittles...well my sister named her, so..
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We have two Siberians, a male and female, both black with big green eyes. They are former breeding cats with names that we felt didn't suit them, so after they came to live with us they got new more "appropriate" names. The female cat's name was easy, Koshka, which is female cat in Russian. She was imported from Russia when she was 6 months old.

The male was a bit more of a challenge until my husband remembered a Russian movie that we had seen at the Wisconsin Film Festival, "Since Otar Left." Our male now had a name, Otar.
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JuJu got her name because she was dumped in a Wendy's garbage to die with a broken leg. JuJu means Spirit of a Supernatural Charm in West Africa. I called her that because she needed all the luck the heavens could bring to survive from such a fatal blow to her life. She is a true good luck charm!
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I named my two male cats (Izzy and Pinky) after my favorite musicians: violinists Itzak Perlman and Pincus Zuckerman, who are known as Izzy and Pinky to their friends.
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^_^ New kittens with

Charlie - Named after Charlie Eppes on Numb3rs because I was watching Numb3rs when it fell asleep in my hands. (older kitten)

Beethoven - (week old!) Named after Ludwig van Beethoven, my favorite composer. Seriously considering naming the other two after composers...perhaps Mozart and Bach? lol
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