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Story behind your cats name

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Quincy is named after the character Tommy Quincy from my all time favorite show Instant Star (you should know it if you have The-N or are Canadian). I don't know he just is such a handsome cat and has that coolness about him . Much like Tommy.
Here is what Tommy looks like.

Wicked I just thought the name fit her. Since her colors are so pretty and usually thought of as halloween colors. But I didn't want to give her a generic holiday name. I was reading the book "Wicked" for the second time and just thought it fit. And it really does and she definately has been living up to her name.

Smidgeon was simply named this because when we found him he was so tiny I could hold him cupped in my hands. He had the shortest stubbiest little legs and the biggest head. He had to have only been 4-5 weeks old when he was thrown out that car window . So I named him Smidgeon cause thats just was he was a little Smidgeon. Which is funny because he is now lanky and is looking like he is going to be thick and big.

So how did your cats get their names?
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Well, at the adoption center he had the name Leo, which for me was too common, he didnt respond to, and it didnt suit him. when i made the decision i wanted to adopt him, but was waiting to hear back from hubby, i walked outside and it started to snow.
The first name that popped into my head was Nanuk (as in nanuk of the north, the polar bear), and ironically he responds to that! He is very wintery in his look too, so it suits him even if you havent heard the snow story.
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My Sister named Coco.
I wanted something differant with Meeko
Sasha I neamed that because she is part Russian Blue but looks like she is Pure
Oreo was already named when I got her from my Brother
Coco Black and White but Reddish Brown in the Light
Meeko Tabby but she has orange in her
Sasha is all Blue
Oreo Black and White
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When I was a little girl, I had brother and sister kitties. They were both ginger tabbies.... with 1 inch tails! I named them Rusty and Dusty

Well, when we got the girls last weekend, the hubby and I were discussing names. I was laying on the floor, watching the kitties sleep behind their litle kitty condo, I mentioned the names Rusty and Dusty. Mike loved the names and so did the girls, because they woke up and looked at me as if to say... What do you want meowmy?

So the ginger tabby is Rusty and the muted tortie tabby is Dusty...

They are soooo sweet!
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well, Glamorous is named after the song "Glamorous by Fergie", & as for the other's, they got there's because i wanted cute/girly names hehe
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well.my little boy is named salem..just cause i like the name..and also ..thats the cats name on "sabrina the teenage witch"..and of course..my little girl's name is sabrina...
go figure.
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Special Agent Fox "Little Buddy" Mulder [redacted] - the last was his real last name, Little Buddy just...sorta happened, and the rest speaks for itself.
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My two fosters - Larry and Lena - came to me as Sylvester and Cinderella. He's black and white, hence "Sylvester".

For some reason, those names didn't come easily or naturally for me. I like Norwegian names for cats - the two I had for 17 years were Torfinn and Gudrun.

So I re-named the girl Lena, which is a shortened version of Caroline, my Norwegian grandmother. And my mom's got Curly, and my brother's got Mo, so I thought we needed a Larry.

So, there they are - Lena and Larry. And I think they definitely know their names!!
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Zampy was named "Cyber" when we got him. Ick. Zampy is short for "Zampano". We started calling him that as a joke (Zampano was a buffoon-like character in a Fellini movie) and it just stuck. Rosie is Rosie because she just looks like a Rosie! And of course they both have dozens of nicknames
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Leo - It was the first name I thought of when I was naming him.

Tabitha - John wanted to call her "Tabby" because she is a red/white tabby but I insisted she needed a full name so he called her Tabitha.

Spike - It took us forever to name him and finally I made a list and told John to pick one and that's the one he picked.

Spooky Bear - He got his name for several reasons. The Spooky was because he was so scared when we found him and also because he is a black cat and it was just a few days before Halloween when we found him. The Bear was because I collect teddy bears and he looked like a little black bear cub.

Lilly - It was the first name John thought of.

Grabat - John's dad named her that because when she was little she kept running inside and he'd say "Grab 'at cat!"... it became her name when she was allowed to stay indoors.

Captain Squishy Fuzzypants A.K.A. Slingshot - John came up with it.

Garfield Hoppington IV - John also named him, said he looked like Garfield.

Lieutenant Bear - We originally called her Lilly Bear ("Bear" for the same reasons as Spooky Bear), but one day we were at a flea market and saw a license plate that said "Lt. Bear", it was perfect and we dropped the "Lilly" from it shortly after.

Roxy - John named her.

Sofia - I've always loved the name.

Taco - John named him before he was born, he said we needed a kitten named "ChiChi Rodriguez A.K.A. Taco Salad"... the "Taco" part stuck.

Woody Jr. - Named after my beloved cat Woody who passed away in 2004.
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tabitha - just love the name. i think i probably first heard it from the show bewitched.

milo - from the band yourcodenameis:milo.

shinobi - lostprophets is my favourite band and one of their songs is called shinobi versus dragon ninja.

janet - my beautiful boy who crossed the bridge last october. he was called sandy (predictably for a pale ginger cat) by the previous owner and we originally called him kenji, middle name of one of the members of the band linkin park. after getting to know 'kenji' it became clear that he was the most eccentric cat i had ever met! he basically was a feline dame edna, so we had to come up with a name that suited him. janet just seemed perfect as indeed he was.

confused the heck out of everyone who met him though. my dad always refered to him as a 'she'. even the vet who only met him a couple of weeks before he died thought it suited him perfectly.
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Originally Posted by tab View Post
janet - ...... he basically was a feline dame edna, .....

Ohmigosh. I literally have to wipe coffee off my monitor. That's great!!

Some great names here.
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Fab names and stories behind the names!

I`m afraid my 2 are a lot less interesting.

Maisie kept the name she came with and it does suit her. If I could have chosen I would have picked Ruby or Poppy.

Kitty got his name because he was a stray for a few months before I could let him indoors and I wasn`t sure if he was male or female so I named him after Eric Cartmans Kitty!
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Rupert - because of Rupert the bear

Bagheera - he was one of two kittens. We called him bagheera and his brother Shere Khan.

Harry - we didn't know if he was male or female so we decided if male Harry and if female Charlotte after Harry and Charlotte in Sex and the City!
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Mitties was named Mittens at the shelter when we got her. For a while we were calling her Mit Mit, then Pretty, then Pitty Pitty, but her Grandma kept calling her Mitties so it just stuck. Not as lame as "Mittens" but close. We don't call her that though. We call her Mama Mouse or Turkey. Don't ask why!
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As a lover of greek mythology (and having named named family dogs Io and Circe) Keith and I decided to continue on that thread.
Ares - "God of War" is loud, sassy, spoiled, plays feverishly, and is feisty. (Although can be very lovey.) Fits him completely.
Hypnos - "God of Sleep" Well, he has a hypnotic coat, is more methodical about new situations, and is a little lover, so I'd say it suits him nicely as well.
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Mordecai: Kind of a weird story. I got him at a adoption pet fair in Central park in NYC. My friend J-bird, (jen) went with me and when we got there, we had a hard time getting into the park because we had to cross fifth ave and there was a Hewbrew Pride parade that day. When I adopted him I decided I wanted to change his name frim ADAM, to a Hewbrew name to remember the day. And I also wanted to rememeber my friend too. J-bird likes to do dialogue in funny voices and she does this monologue like she is a MAFIA rat that lives in the New York subway system, "Morty, I said Morty, you should have seen how I made the girls squeal today. Fahgetahboutit." So I named him Mordecai or Morty for short. I also call him JuJu Bean too.

Peyton came named that and she barely knew that name. I will have to find out how she was named and I hope not after Peyton Manning. But I call her Moo Moo because her hips and shoulder bones stick out like a dairy cow and she is spotted on white and she has a sac of belly that hangs down like a Cow's udders. I call her pretty girl and sweet pea too. Sometimes we call her Odie, from Garfeild, cause she appears to have missed the line for brains and can be a little, Odie like. We say she has an Odie Complex cause she is not so smart. But we love her anyway.
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My boy was given to me named Domino, eh... I had already had Seamus in mind for a while, saying incessantly that I wanted a boy cat named Seamus (Shay-mus) who would run around in a plaid collar and be my Irish cat... so I did it... he has his two plaid collars... looking into a nice green one for St Pats Day The name, an Irish name I'd heard in the Charlies Angels movie and on Family Guy... and I'm sure other places too, just stuck.
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itsy and bitsy they were named by my husband before i met him

topsy she was already named when i adopted her

jess he was jessica until i realised he was male so i shortened it to jess

harry he just looked like a harry to me

and princess lucy she was my sons and now lives with me as he is at uni he called her lucy after lucifer the devil and i added princess as she is my princess

george rip and sox rip my babies who went to heaven last week
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LingLing - she's our "magic" kitty as she and brothers/sisters went thru 4 color changes from the time they were born till 3 months old! First they were all blue tabby and white. Then about a month later they changed to blue points with a tabby body (not ghost striping). Then the blue points changed to seal points with a blue tabby body. Finally they all changed to black/white cats!

But when they had the points, I gave them all "oriental" names thinking they would stay that way which would have been so cool. Her sisters were Ying and Yang and her brothers were Ping and Pong.....Ling was Ling - the leftover one

Charlie - official name is DotDotDot Charlie Wonka. But he's really named after the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory being a chocolate spotted Oci. The CCF was too long of a name, so DH added the "Wonka" part.

Charlie's future baby brother Oci will be named Captain Jack Sparrow - after the Pirates movies
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Stoli - After Stolichnaya Vodka, he's a Russian Blue (yes I know there is debate on Stoli being Russian...(vodka))

Some other names we thought of: Rocco (love that one, but he's not a Rocco), Blu Czaru (still like that, it flows...but we'd have called him Blu for short), Boris, Ivan(hoe), Russian-esque..

Luxor - After the city in Egypt and the resort in Vegas, he's an Egyptian Mau.

Some other names we thought of: you know, I really can't remember but they all were Egyptian Pharoahs or something.....And I was driving home the day after we got him and every license plate I saw had an X on it....so I went with Luxor.
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Severino is named after a family friend who has now passed on.

Sophia is named after Sophia Loren

Lucia is named after one of my favorite books "Lucia, Lucia"

Mario is named mostly because I like the name(Any Italian name for that matter) but also it was a toss up between Mario and Luigi from Nintendo fame!

Joey...his full name is Joey Gibbs...he is named after the Washington Redskins Hall of fame coach...an amazing man. He has now retired
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King is the only one really with a story behind his name... We got him as a tiny kitten ((sadly im the only one who remembers how/where we got him)) and he couldnt stay at our house cause we had an aggressive dog so he went to stay with my brothers "at the time" GF... who fixed him, fattened him up and let him be an indoor/outdoor cat.
About a yr and a half went by before we got to se him again and when we did.. i was scared to death of him... he was the biggest cat I had ever seen and he Roars instead of meowing ((because of a past injury he had.. im not sure what though))... his real name is Kitty... as are all the cats my brothers name.. and he was just to big and "Powerful" looking to have such a ((no offense)) Sissy name so we came up with the name King Tut.. and thats what everyone except my brothers been calling him for a couple yrs.
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Trinity is named for Trinity from the Matrix. When we first got her she would play fight with our puppy and they seemed to defy reality!

Pooka-Mari is named for the mythical creature Pooka and Mari is a creature that DH and I made up for a RPG that we were running. Both are mischievous but good natured creatures and that is exactly what Pooka is.

Ezekiel is named after one of DH's characters from an RPG. The Character is a vampire and Zeek likes to smurgle my neck all the time, so he got named after the vampire.
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Originally Posted by badninjakitties View Post
Ezekiel is named after one of DH's characters from an RPG.

For some reason when I saw that name.. I thought of Ezekiel from Scary Movie 4!! Sorry just a thought.
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Originally Posted by LoveMyCatsWSQ View Post
So how did your cats get their names?
Alley actually came from the Alley in L.A.

Since Persi is a Persian, I just dropped the last two letters!
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Originally Posted by badninjakitties View Post
Trinity is named for Trinity from the Matrix. When we first got her she would play fight with our puppy and they seemed to defy reality!
We had a cat named Trinity too, RIP we had to put her down last July. We named her that because she only had three legs. So we named her Trinity which thought was pretty but also poked a little fun at her lack of leg.

We really miss her.
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When my mother was a girl, she had a black long-haired cat named Smoke; after they got married, she and my father had a black long-haired cat named Smudge.

Our next cat was an orange-and-white shorthair called Woodie, because he lived in the woods. He absolutely decimated the chimpmonk population!

Then we had a dog.

After the dog, we got a grey long-haired cat called Smog.

Then we had another orange-and-white who looked like Woodie come back. We called him PurrPuss because he purred so much.

I've elsewhere told about the present cat. He showed up in father's neighborhood living on his own. He had obviously been someone's cat, as he was neutered and declawed, but he didn't belong to any of the families on the cul-de-sac. In spite of his lack of front claws, he seemed to have no trouble catching birds and mice and squrrels (sp.?), but father worried about what he would do come winter. I urged him to take him in; we had never had more than one pet before, and father was reluctant, but I talked him into it. (I should mention that we did not live together then. He was in Ark. & I was in WV.) He at first called him The Gray Cat, but at the urging of my Aunt (a retired English teacher) he became Zane (because he's Gray.) PurrPuss never got along with him--father didn't go about properly introducing them, just brought Zane inside--and just curled up and died. Father brought Zane to WV with him, and when father died I took Zane in.
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Trinity Well she is a tri-color (calico) and Matt suggested the name after we had met her but before we got to bring her home. I loved the name so it stuck!
Bentley He has a bend in his tail and when he first showed up, I was calling him "Bent" because of it. That turned into his full name, Bentley.
Mercury If you haven't noticed the trend so far, this one also has to do with hos he looks. He is blue so when I first saw him I thought of the element mercury. I also had a little stuffed animal dog that was about his color when I was little and it's name was Mercury.
Nemo I had to break the trend with this one. Actually, I couldn't come up with a name that was good enough for my odd eyed beauty for like the first two weeks I had him. I was searching the internet one day though and came across Nemo. I found that it meant "no name or nobody" so I thought since he had no name for so long, the name seemed to fit.

For some reason, I feel like I have answered this one before but I looked through the older pages and I didn't see a response from me. I apologize if this is a repost.
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Maggie is 7. I got her right after my mom passed away because she was afraid of cats. My mom's favorite doll was named Maggie.

Louie is 4. He belong to my father in law. My mother in law was afraid of cats also. When she passed away I got him a kitten. The adoption shelter had named him Brady but 2 months later my father in law passed so I brought home his kitten. Since Brady was still just a baby and we really didn't like the name, we changed the name to honor my father in law. He was an extremely devoted fan of the St. Louis Cardinals so that is how Louie came about.

Lexi just got her name because it just fit her. She is a tiny cat. I've never seen a cat as petite as her

I love reading all the names
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