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Talking Cats

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Hello everyone, I am new to this site.

A couple of months ago I caught my cats chirping at a squirrel that was standing outside(He visits daily, it is hilarious!).

Well, I decided to do a little research on what they were doing, because it is pretty rare and most people have never seen a cat do it before.

I found out that it is the way that cats try to get their prey to trust them, so they can get close enough to strike! I went to youtube and asked around to some of the better videos that I saw and asked them permission to use their videos and made a compilation of them.

Here is the link to the video, I hope you all enjoy it, it took a while before everyone allowed me to use their content and such. ENJOY!

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That was a great video! Thanks for posting it My cat makes all sorts of noises... He not only chirps out the window, he does it while posing on the window like those Garfield sticky stuffed toys. He also goes around the house saying something that sounds like "Mama"... That's not the wierd part though. When I hear him say it, I say, "Hey Jaga" or something, and he comes running. It's almost like he's trying to locate me in the house. It's a little freaky.....
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Fox used to do that to birds and such outside the windows. I never thought he was trying to get them to "trust" him, mostly due to his complete sense of focus and his whole body being on edge ready to pounce, but for the glass. I always looked at it like he was telling them they'd never make it and to just give up, so it'd go quicker for them.
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I always tell my boys that they are really silly they are telling the birds/squirrels that they are there... they do exactly what the cats in those videos were doing. All that announcing if you are planning to swat them down... I've only seen them doing that when sitting at the window. All other talking is more fluent meowing and yapping.
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I also have a cat who chirps at the birds outside. Its so cute )
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Trout doesn't chirp at all..I wish she did, it is too cute!
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Originally Posted by RobertB View Post
I always looked at it like he was telling them they'd never make it and to just give up, so it'd go quicker for them.
Haha, that very well could be, all cats are different.

It was pretty easy to find info on this behavior, but I don't know if it was just speculation or if it is scientifically proven.

It is funny how cats can make different noises like this though, for insects, birds and other animals they make a different noise normally (depending on how good of a hunter/huntress they are)

The cats by the windows in this video are looking at birds/squirrels mostly, the ones that look like they are away from the windows, such as the first cat (Vivi) are looking at laser pointers.

I think that is why they differ so much, because they laser points aren't naturally occurring thing. They're instincts don't know how to react, so they make up a completely new noise or use a combination of noises to test what works.
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