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condolences on your sad loss of Maya and her babies. Now they are all together over RB, playing happily and enjoying the best that Heaven has to offer. I am sure that those 10 days were probably the safest, most love-filled days that she had since she was at her mama-kitty's side, being nursed and purred to. Bless you for giving her refuge and for being there for her during those difficult, last hours.
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Oh my, this is so tragic! I'm so very sorry you lost your little girl after striving night and day to get her through that terrible illness. You must have become so attached to her over the days you spent together. It just breaks my heart that Maya was experiencing so much pain which sadly overcame her. All she wanted was to be loved where she could safely bring her babies into the world. YOU gave her loving security! You did absolutely everything you could do. Now, Maya is in perfect health in Heaven with her babies where they will forever live is safety and peace. :rainbowheart:
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I'm so sorry for your loss - I was in tears reading the sad end of your time with Maya, but I was so happy that Maya, and her babies within, had received so much love from you. You're a wonderful person.
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Thank you all again for your nice words and support. I just wanted to say that I feel better now. I still wake up during the night thinking for a second "I can't believe I feel asleep so long, I have to feed Maya". I feel like she is somewhere in me. I don't know, I keep talking to her in my head and I somehow feel her presence around me, like if she was following me everywhere I go. Maybe that's just an impression (I'd rather think she's running around with her babies over the rainbow bridge), but I feel like she hasn't totally left this world. I've been with her 10 small days, wich is almost nothing in a life. But she changed a part of me forever, opening my eyes to the importance of spaying/neutering, and to the infinite pleasure of taking care of a foster cat.

I will never forget the moment that she died in my arms, scared and hurt, neither will I forget her loving eyes when she found a safe home in my appartment. I will also always remember these five tiny heads and spines that I saw on the radiography inside her belly.

This is the last picture I took of her, the day before she died. While I was taking pictures, she was purring in a weird way because her throat was so irritated. And inside her belly, it's like if her babies were boucing and jumping: you could see little bumps appearing and disapearing quickly everywhere on her belly.

I love you Maya
And I love you little guys inside her
I hope you're fine wherever you are
And I hope that, this time, my love for you all will protect you enough
Of all the violence, the pain and the suffering in the world.
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With tears in my eyes again...
Rest darling Maya and babies :rainbowheart:
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After reading about Maya and seeing her photo, I am crying. I am so sorry that you lost such a sweet cat and her kittens. At least Maya spent her last days being with you and being loved. RIP Maya and kittens
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Originally Posted by Mawilouwl View Post
Beautiful Mama Maya...gone but not forgotten.
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im so sorry about your loss , she went knowing she was very loved
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