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Teething kitten?

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Do kittens go through teething spells? I just ask because Pan has been chewing on EVERYthing the past couple days...books, the coffee table, my ankles, paper bags, etc....he play-bites when he gets excited, but he has been SO mouthy! I know they get adult teeth---when does this happen?

Here is a shot of my handsome Meezer.....

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They sure do!! It usually begins when they're about 5 or 6 months old.

ETA** And he's a babydoll!!!
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Yup! Absolutely they go through the teething process. Actually one day I found a baby tooth on my bed and it really concerned me, however after a little research I found out that is normal. Mine are about 10 months now and although they are through the teething stage, they still like to chew a little bit.
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Mine is dealing with this issue currently...hope you have better luck than we are. Scratches and bite wounds from cats seem to take forever to heal and all of mine have left scars to boot!

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My Jacks last baby tooth fell out when he was 6 months old.

I know the feeling about them chewing as well because he chewed through the power pack on my laptop, the cord on the pc mouse, the beads on the blinds.

I used to tickle his tummy with a straw and he would grab it to chew on, so i would get some of those
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