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Sox is keepin' clean!!!

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Then of course, Beacon had to check out what all the commotion was...

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I almost washed Lucky once, good thing I opened the door to put a spoon in. Now I alwasy check top and bottom
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lol - I always have to chase Pepper away from the dishwasher when I'm unloading it otherwise she'll jump all over the clean dishes! When it's empty or dirty she loves to get in it. I always have to make sure she's out before I close it.
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I have to chase Angel from the dishwasher too because I'm afraid that one day someone will close the door on her. Hehe, don't cats know how wet it gets in there!
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that's very sweet!
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Silly kitties!
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That's so cute!
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great pics!! Sox looks quite pleased with himself
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very cute
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So glad i am not the only one that has cats(dogs too) that do that!!

Very cute pics btw!
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I don't miss the days when Lucy did that. They do love to investigate.
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Haha....Cats will get into anything
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