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Hello from canada!

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Hi guys! just wanted to say hi! heres a litle about myself: Iam liveing in paris ontario canada with my three girls Erin 11 Brenna 8 and Tara 6. and with our three cats Oreo Zeus and Mittens. oo and maybe you guys can explain some stuff iam little confused
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Hello and welcome!

There are tons of people here who can help you! Just ask and you will get a reply!
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Hi, Holly! We're happy to have you! We have lots of Canadian members. In fact, my cousins live in Ontario. I wish I knew what is giving you problems. Let's see...To go to the most recent answer to a thread, there is a little arrow to click on the right hand side of the most recent poster's name, be sure to ask for Private messages notifications to be sent to you (in user options under user cp), don't be afraid to join discussions in progress, D.T. stands for Daily Thread, and is a good way to get to know people, check out f.a.q. at the top of this page, and ask questions!

These are a few hints that helped me, but you probably have other questions. We are interested in loads of things, and if you post in the wrong forum, a moderator will move it for you. The Cat Lounge is general conversation. And there are specialized forums for every aspect of cat care or problems. Have fun exploring!!
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Hi, Holly. Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to the site Holly! I'm glad you found us here.
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Thank you! i hope to make lots of friends on here iam glad so many people love cats!!
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Welcome from a fellow Ontarian!!

Wow, your a librarian and have a job here in Ontario?? I'm impressed since the government has been cutting so many jobs in that field. I have a couple of friends who have their Masters and are having problems getting jobs!

Again, welcome to the site!

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Thanks guys!! i just love this site and all you guys are great!!
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I'M from canada to and I have a orange tabby cat her name is angel.
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