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Charlie's Show Results

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Well with a lot of competition in this show, Charlie managed to pull off another 10 points towards his CFA Grand - with a 8th Best Alter and 2nd Best SH Premier.

So he's up to about 35 points now

Next show will be in March and will be ACFA - in which he should pick up that last final to be a Grand
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Congratulations Charlie is such a handsome boy
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Wow, 8th best, nice! Good going, Charlie! I'm sure he'll make Grand next show, too. =D
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Well done Charlie

Read your other post about the cart, most people use them here they are fantastic especially when showing more than one cat
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Seriously, it never dawned on me before to get I don't know how we showed without one!
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Congrats! How many shows do you normally attend?
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Congrats on Charlie's points !
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Originally Posted by Duchess15 View Post
Congrats! How many shows do you normally attend?
Thanks - its depends on the association - we show in both CFA and ACFA. In our area there is only 2 CFA shows. If we want more we have to drive 5 or more hours out of state. Right now ACFA has more shows within a 4-6 hr drive (more worth it to us).

Show season is May to April - so far we have been to 7 shows and have 3 more to attend. This is between CFA and ACFA
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Congrats to you and Charlie!! I am very excited for you!! My internet has been down for a couple of weeks, along with tv and phone, so I am sorry for my late congratulations. Do you have new pictures of Charlie in the photo's? How big is he now?? Your breeder must also be very happy as well. Go Charlie!!
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He's a solid 10 1/2 lbs at 16 months old - feels heavier

When he grands at the next show (in March) - will take pictures then, cause we'll have to buy a grand cake to share at the show.
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