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Help! Cat keeps peeing on our bed!

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I posted about this before and didn't get many reponses. I am at my witts end. My cat randomly pees on our blankets on our bed. He has done this twice today. Today is the first time his box has been full when he did it. i cannot empty it myself because I am pregnant and my husband keeps forgetting to! But he has done this even though it box is perfectly clean. it's at random, may be doing it because he wants attention? Both times today I was laying on the bed when he did it.

The vet says he doesnt have a UTI and suggests we put a second cat box on top of the bed when we are not home. But he only does this when we are home!! I don't know what to do! Any help would be soooooo awesome! Thank you so much!!
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Have you been washing the bedding and mattress with an enzyme cleaner? It's the only thing that will work to kitty's nose.

Are you playing extra with kitty every day (it helps relieve stress)?

Have you sprayed your home with Feliway (it also helps relieve stress)?

Have you tried Rescue Remedy or Calm and Serene Flower Essences?

This site has Feliway and Flower Essences - and a great enzyme cleaner:

Since you sometimes don't get to the box, I would consider putting a second one NEXT to the bed - doesn't have to be on the bed if you're in it or on it.

I'd also recommend using Cat Attract Litter. It's expensive but worth it - it's been helping a LOT of cats!

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Funny part is I have been giving him attention all day!!

I will try the Feliway! Thank you! How do the flower essences work? Thank you so much!!
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Usually an animal won't pee where they sleep or eat but that may not always hold true. My male has done his share of creative spots and I took him to the vet and after several tests and $250 later she gave him a clean bill of health and said they sometimes "express" themselves with unwanted behavior.

I know that doesn't help you out much but some cats are very particular about their litter box. Has anything changed around the house that might upset her/him? You mentioned you are pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS by the way. Has peeing always been a problem or is this a recent thing?
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Thank you!

This started randomly.Altohugh, the first night we had him he has sooooo sick and when he was sleeping he got up and peed on the bed but then I put him in his box. He didn't do it again until a few weeks later after he had already learned where his box was and peed in it several times.

I am definitely going to use that feliway stuff. This is so irritating. Nothing phases him as far as "punishment". We have a time out crate he goes in that seems to work for other reasons but he keeps doing it at least once a week.
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