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kissing paws...again?!

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haha I know I talk a lot about kissing paws and smelling paws, you all must think I'm a real nut! LOL well here's proof that I really do do these things! I'm sorry, I've got a digital camera and couldn't help it! Me and Roo Notice the calendar in the back ground? almost 100% there to crazy-cat-lady!
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i kiss my furbabies paws too!
I love the smell also.

you have come to the right place crazy cat lady
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Well why not? Paws are so adorable!
I kiss mine puddy's all the time. Though, on the top side I must say. I'm not into kissing dirty kitty feet
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aaaaawwww! kiss a kitty! smooch smooch smooch!
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I kiss Trent's paws, too, much to his dismay! LOL Ophelia won't let me touch her paws. I keep trying to remember to smell Trent's paws but I always forget!
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go heidi go and smell them right now before you forget!!!!
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LOL He's sitting behind me on the chair so I'd have to become a contortionist to smell his paws right now. I turned around and told him I'm supposed to smell his paws and he gave me a look like "Why the he!! would you want to do that?!?!"
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He moved so I grabbed him and sniffed paws! They smell like....Tidy Cats. No peanut butter or cheesy poofs paws for me.
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AWWWWW... how cute! I wrote this in another thread, but I sniffed Willie's paws on your advice and they smell of licorice... he mostly smells of (stale) cinnamon.
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nice paws pic!
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Tamme, My s/o loves to kiss our cats' feet. I don't kiss the pad side, but I do like to play with their feet. Their paws are so soft. They tolerate for a little while.

I don't sniff their paws that often. If I do, I get the Tidy Cats smell, too.
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That is an adorable picture of you and Roo!!!!
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Very cute pic of the two of you!!

I've never been into kitty paws. I don't want to smell them or kiss them. Yeah, I'm a party pooper!

But, I love grabbing Nakita and kissing her little head and her nose. I love those areas....very smoochable!

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I just LOVE kissing and smelling my cats' paws ...
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I stick to kissing, between the ears. I know where their paws have been.
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What a cute pic, Tamme! You know, you really ought to consider having one of Roo's PAWS as your avatar!!!!

I didn't get a chance to post any paws in the other thread, but here's one of Spooky's paws. I LOVE THEM! All of her paws are black. They're so cute!

They smell like Tidy Cats, too... but I kiss 'em anyway.

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Hey Laurie, it's your fault for suggesting it, check out my new avatar! LOL
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See? It looks so cute! :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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...and definitely unique, Tamme! Should leave a few people wondering.... LOL!!!
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Tamme, no hiding your foot, er, paw fetish now! I like the new avatar. Makes me want to kiss Roo's paw too, but then I'd have to clean lipstick off my monitor.
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Georgia just happened to be laying in front of me, paws up, while was reading this thread. Her paws smell like stinky cheese. PPHHEEEWWWWWW!!!!
Leo always smelled like autumn to me. He had kind of sweet, smoky smell to him, even though he seldom went outside the last 2 years of his life.
Fred is just a smelly, old, flatulent cat. (But he's my baby.)
I think Pearl would probably bite me if I tried to mess with her paws.
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we're all so funny aren't we?? LOL
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