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Pitiful cat found

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I found a poor pitiful cat at my back door last night. He was very loving, but just so awful looking. He is filthy and seems to have a cold or something. He is coughing, and he can't meow because he is hoarse. His eyes look awful and runny and his nose is runny. He is so matted up and dirty, like he's been under a house. Not to mention he is skin and bones. I have two kittens that stay in/out, and I fed him and gave him some water. Then, I begged my mother to come get him. She agreed reluctantly. She took him to her house, and we plan to get him to the vet tomorrow. But, he scratched my mother this afternoon, and I'm scared he may have something bad. Any ideas. He's so sweet, and he obviously used to belong to someone, but he has been away from home for a LOOOOONG time!
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I'm so glad he found caring people who are willing to help him out in his time of need. The poor little soul. I wouldn't hold the scratch against him, he's probably scared or nervous. I'm curious to see what the vet will say about him. Either way, you're a good person for trying to help him.
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Definitely have him checked out by the and your mom are wonderful for helping him out...sending good vibes that he checks out ok and that he finds a great "furever" home! Keep us posted!
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Good on you for rescuing the poor little guy, sounds like he needs some serious TLC! He must be pretty scared.

If you're worried about him passing diseases on from the scratch to your mum, then don't worry. I don't believe there's anything that can be passed on through a scratch. Just make sure your mum thoroughly cleans out the scratch and puts antibiotic ointment on it - there could certainly be run of the mill germs on his claws.
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unless she is prone to cat scratch fever...

Good luck with the kitty! I would definitely have him tested!!
Where are you located?
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Thanks all! Oh, we definitely don't hold the scratch against him. He's so sweet and loving, even to be as pitiful as he is. My mom was trying to wash his face, so I'm sure any other cat would have done the same! We are taking him to the vet first thing in the morning, and I'll be sure to let everyone know. We are in Mississippi, USA.
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Yeah, they really dont like to get baths!! Good for you for rescuing him! I hope all goes well with the vet!!

For the scratch I would clean it with peroxide, make sure to keep cleaning it till it stops bubbling!!
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How's the little guy doing this morning? Bless you and your mom for taking care of him!
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Aww we hope that cat is going to be okay Make sure to update us on how he is doing
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My mother and I got the cat to the vet, and the veterinarian was in surgery, but we left him. The vet tech said he looked pretty bad, but they would do what they could. She said there might be a chance that he would have to be put to sleep, but of course, they will call us before they do that. I hope the little guy is going to be OK. I wish I had taken a picture to let y'all see how yucky he looked.

I'll update again after we hear from the vet.
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The poor little mite I hope he'll be are amazing for helping him.
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Well, the vet called and said that he is an old tom cat that most likely has feline leukemia or aids. They will do a blood test if we want, but the vet said there was nothing that could be done for him. I guess he will have to be put down, and I just can't believe how sad it makes me.
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Bless you! That is so sad but at least he will go to the bridge peacefully now instead of having a long drawn out end outside.

You did a good thing
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Aww Poor little guy At least he won't have to suffer
Good job with helping him - that was sweet of you
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At least he had a peaceful end. So many of them don't. Be sure and have your mom watch that scratch carefully. You don't have to be prone to cat scratch fever to get an infection or cellulitis from a scratch. If it becomes red, swollen, inflammed, starts draining clear fluid or just gets painful or if she starts feeling nauseous-she needs to get to the doctor quickly. If she has any antibiotics around, you might suggest she start taking them just in case. A stray doesn't have to carry disease to give you an infection from a scratch. They carry a load of bacteria in their claws sometimes.
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I know it was the right thing to do, but it has really made me sad. I just keep thinking about what a horrible life the little fellow had, and how I wish he had gotten to me sooner. I hope they stroked him and loved on him as he was going. Now I am worried about my cats. I don't think they had any contact with him, and both of them have had the feline leukemia vaccine...
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