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My Job

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Just out of boredom I figured I would share a bit.

I am a musician first and foremost. I was born into the world of music lovers and we playing guitar by the age of 6 and had been singing since I was 4. I was entered and won a number of talent contests though my younger years. And got a commercial lol.

So when I hit 13 I was no longer "cute" and my mom refused to fund my shows and refused to take me to auditions. My older sister had finally got going in her modeling and that was the main focus. At that time I not only played acoustic and electric guitar but also bass, violin, drums, and piano. My school music teachers loved me because not only could I read music easily I also could play by just hearing a tune.

So with being ignored I found myself some girls and started my first band. We called ourselves "Candy" Lol yeah it was bad but hey we were 13 year old girls. Really it was what could be expected. Bubble gum poppy songs mostly covers but also this is when I started writing songs. Yes we all played instruments not everyone was as good as others but we got shows. Mostly 13 year olds parties but also some fairs. We stayed together for a whole year and a 1/2 lol until well they all lost interest.

I continued to write songs and even got in on open mic nights at coffee houses and such. I was told I had a great talent and should find anouther band. I knew I didn't want to be in anouther all girl band ever again so I was on the look out for boys. And trust me no male based bands what to add in a girl. And I understood why you didn't want to become anouther chick lead singer and nameless band stereotype. But when I hit 16 I got a big break with a well known local band called "Last Kiss Before Death".

I had replied to a flier after their lead guitarist had left the band. They were frantic for a replacement. When I went to audition two of the band members couldn't make it that was Chris and Zach. But the third Robert was there and he was more than willing to see what I had. So I explained to him how I played and what I could play. I then showed him and belted my heart out. He agreed on the spot to hire me and was sure the other two would love me. Lol well he wasent so right lol. They hated I was a girl and I was much younger than them. And I WAS A GIRL!!! Lol I was to be the end of their band their demise and it was all Roberts fault because I wasen't going anywhere.

It was true I was a girl lol and I was young. Robert was the youngest at 20 then there was Zach 22 and Chris 24. And they had history they grew up together and were still bitter their other life long friend had left the band. But after I made it clear I didn't want the spot light that Chris was the star and that I could be mature...Well we all dealt with each other. And we did amazing we always had a few shows a week if not atleast one and even toured around and out of the state. We even had a cd and tshirts we sold. We were all just waiting on me to turn 18 so we could to Hollywood and get a REAL record deal. But that never happened.

A week before I turned 18 Robert was killed in a tragic car crash. He was my best friend and my sanity and the reason I fell in even deeper love with music. It hit as all hard and in different ways. Chris sold his guitar and equipment and quit music. Zach just ran off with his gf at the time and got married. I quit playing for almost a year after. Until I realized I couldn't live with out music and I needed it. Its my one true connection to Robert and I feel like he is still here when I play.

So with my reputataion I figured I could hold auditions of my own and put together my own band. And so I found Jesse, Iggy, and anouther Zach lol. I am the lead singer and guitarist again. But its not all about me as Jesse has his own songs he sings. We are called "Wild Eyes" LOL don't ask its a long story. And we being fairly new are doing great as fans from Last Kiss have crossed over. We still have a long way to go but it is a great ride.

Of course I work to "real jobs" to get by and so I can enjoy my music. I also am going to school for Vet Tech in the fall. So I am being smart.

Lol okay this turned out really long and boring. Lol sorry. But to know me is to know my music history.

I have also been in a number of musicals since middle school. Just this past christmas I played Esther in the cities production of "Meet Me In St Louis" where Wicked also played the family cat!

I have also been in

Foot Loose
Beauty and the Beast
Little Shop of Horrors
Bye Bye Birdie

OKAY LOL this has been far too long. Like I said I was bored hehe.
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Wow, that is pretty cool...your life could be a movie!
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That's awsome! I love music, myself. I couldn't live without it. It's a great way to express your feelings.

Does your band have a myspace page? If so, PM me and let me know. I'd love to check you out.
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Thanks you two .

Right now we are actually working on getting a website up. When it is up and active I will let you know .
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You sound like me. I play quite a few instruments. I took piano lessons for 13 years, then clarinet for 6, and then I taught myself saxophone, drums, vocals, guitar, bass, and I'm going to try learning trumpet soon.
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Originally Posted by TigerOnTheProwl View Post
You sound like me. I play quite a few instruments. I took piano lessons for 13 years, then clarinet for 6, and then I taught myself saxophone, drums, vocals, guitar, bass, and I'm going to try learning trumpet soon.
Very cool . I would love to learn to play the sax I love it.
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That was really interesting what you've posted!!
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