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The Chairman Squishy Meow Thread!

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To keep you guys updated on his progress is best done visually, so I'll just start this one thread & update it as I go.

Chairman Squishy Meow came home with me Tuesday January 1, 2008. He was to be euthanized the next day for ringworm.

January 7, 2008 the vet determined he didn't have ringworm, but allergies he suspected. So we began treatment to get rid of the sores.

Meowmy, I'm home!

Old cats don't play! (Having a bit of a "Dorky Fish" moment in the first pic )

Fungus bath back when I thought he had ringworm

Sleeping on the dog

Nasty side

Once again, Old cats don't play

Today, Sunday January 27, 2008

Instead of 3 large spots/many small spots on this side & 2 large spots/many small spots on his other side.....he has 2 medium sized spots on this side, the rest have hair re-growth!!

Unfortunately, he's gained about 8 tons since coming home. He has had a tendency to bite....but it only ever seems to occur if I'm messing with those spots, they must really hurt him. Makes me wonder how long he had them at the shelter & they weren't visible (they start off tiny little spots...I've stopped several from getting big already) .... he had been a nipper for awhile at the shelter. And no, his eyes never open fully

Life starts at 15, they say!

If anyone is interested in possibly adopting him or knows someone who might, please PM me. I would like to be able to find him a home....otherwise he will just have to live outside as a farm kitty. Not ideal, but better than dead. (He will, however, continually receive medical care no matter where he lives so long as he's with me). He is great with the dogs (see the pic above). I was having issues with him fighting with Ophelia....until I discovered Cow would start a fight with Squishy, then run & hide behind Ophelia so the two fought.
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I was just gonna say he looks like he's put on some weight, Natalie!

Great job on getting him well!
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Oh, he looks soooo much better. Was/is it definitely allergy? He's a handsome old fella!
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he looks so much better. a little rounder but much better
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Oh, he looks soooo much better. Was/is it definitely allergy? He's a handsome old fella!
If it was a fungus, it would've gotten worse with the ointment I was putting on him. It's definately gotten better.....so we're 99.99% positive it was an allergy. To what? Who knows!
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He is such a handsome guy!!
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He's come a long way already. I'm glad to see those sores have been healing.
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Wow! He's really improved! That's so awesome that they found out he didn't have ringworm. He's one lucky cat!! And cute too
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Awwww! He is sooo sweet.
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Wow...amazing. He can't stay inside? He sure is one lucky fella to have been spared that nasty fate of the needle. So glad you adopted him. Hope he continues to improve.

I have a soft spot for seniors.
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No, he can't stay inside. Long story, but it just can't happen. I took him home knowing he'd be a farm kitty. If I didn't take him home, he'd be dead.
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such a cutie!
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Squishy update time!! He's got like one little scab left now. Hair has grown back in over one spot, & is re-growing around the edges of the other two spots. No new spots at all!

Hair re-growth!

He's a bit chunky

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He is looking so much better
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Oooo...isn't HE doing well!
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Yeah, a Chairman thread.

I think a BIT chuncky isn't quite the word for it! He's looking great!
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If it makes a difference...he weighed 14.6 lbs. when I brought him home. When he came in as a stray, he was one of those that every rib and his spine were clearly showing.

I think he has an affection for food! I should weigh him today....I'd say he's 18 lbs.
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looking good Chairman! 18 lbs that's big kitty!!
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He's looking great...now I guess you have to run him around 18 lbs is a big boy!
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Aww, bless him.
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He's a large kitty to start with....13 lbs. is an ideal weight. But, yes, he needs to go on a kitty diet. Just not sure how I plan to do that.
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I love him so much! He has had such a hard life and now he has truly a second chance and he looks happy and his health is improving.
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Aww, he's very handsome for an old boy, i have a soft spot for ginger cats. He looks like my Marmalade RIP

It's nice to see him playing and looking healthier
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Updated pics of Squishy!

Looking smug

I swear he's getting fatter every day! I have restricted his portions of food, which started fighting over food. I think I need to get him vet checked to see if this isn't a thyroid problem....not sure what he weighs, but it's too much! His belly is very solid, too....at least he carries it well....I mean he races around playing a lot. He's fairly active for an old fart!
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Awww! Look at that sweet boy!
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Aww hes looking better! Hes a very handsome boy! He has such nice fur coloring, love the orange!
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His face is kinda ripped up still. But it's not from fighting....he & Molly tackle each other & play very rough. He squishes her. I realized his name fits really well!
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Awww, he's a cutie. I love that big cuddly looking belly.
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Well, he's a handsome old fart, Nat, and obviously doing well under your care.
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Awww, Nat, he's an absolutely adorable old fart.
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