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Sunday DT

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Day 2 of the unexpected bathroom remodeling job! :LOL:

Problem now is that hubby got called out to work in that awful snowstorm at around 1:00am and he just arrived home. So....he is a tiny bit tired.

I've cleaned up as much as possible and now, he will tackle the job again. I think only after his nap though.

I was really impressed though because he has received 2 phone calls since he got home this morning around 11:00am from people wanting to come and help him. It's so nice when friends and neighbors call and just want you to know they are there is we need them. Our propblem is that our bathroom is not made big enough to have 2 big, burly men working side by side. hmmmm....makes me think I may need a bigger bathroom! I mentioned that I needed a new look (paper/paint etc...) and I got the evil eye. I think I'll wait a week before trying to redecorate.

Other than cleaning, laundry and cooking....I am doing nothing today. I have not ventured outside but my boys are both on the back deck shoveling. I think the fresh air is good for them and the exercise as well. I'm just too lazy to join them.

Have a great day everyone!
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Sounds like fun! I love renovating!
If I was anywhere near you, I would be helping you out!
Just a quiet day today, Jake may have to go into work because the culvert is blocked in the pasture and he has to clean it (whatever a culvert is?? )
We need to get the groceries tonight, starting to run out of food and we have been slack - had no desire to go out in the pouring rain - NO THANKS!
But today, its much nicer, I might even go into work with Jake, give me something to do.
Have a great day everyone!

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I'm going to bed! Goodnight everyone! Enjoy your sunshine!
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Other than cleaning, laundry and cooking....I am doing nothing today. I have not ventured outside but my boys are both on the back deck shoveling. I think the fresh air is good for them and the exercise as well. I'm just too lazy to join them. (quote from Ghyslaine)
"I am doing nothing today."

You forgot taking care of the kids, shopping, chauffering, and economist, G.! That's a full time job. But since the economy has forced mothers to work outside the home full time also, we have had to become Superwomen. Something has to give. Watch your health, please!

Tamme, are you that far north that it's not daylight now? Seriously?
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frustrating day so far. if you've noticed the parenting question thread, you might guess why! :tounge2: i came downstairs 15 minutes before church (i was running a little late) and found kids in their pajamas and peanut butter on the chairs and wall. i was none too pleased. i gave them a quick lecture on responsibilty and their dad grounded them from tv today. he just took them somewhere for a while so i can rearrange my head. i'm not mad or anything. it's just been one of those weekends.

don't know what i am doing today. guess i'll read or watch tv.

Ghys - i would also be ther helping! i love remodeling!

kellye - have fun in the pasture! teehee
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jan - i think i will just watch while Jake cleans up!

is anyone watching the movie tonight on telly 'First to Die'?
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hadn't heard about that movie. what's it about?

of course there's a new alias on tonight so...
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I'm ready to commit felicide and canicide. I took another chair cushion out to the patio, this morning. While I was inside, getting another cup of coffee, "Jaws" got hold of it.

A little while ago, I decided to try out my new mop. Opie and Rowdy were sacked out, in our bed so I thought that it was safe to mop the kitchen. Food and water bowls were up on a counter and I was mopping my way, into the AZ room. Here comes Rowdy, jumping onto the counter, managing to tip a "tip-proof" water bowl. I will say one thing, for this mop: it soaks up spills very well. Rowdy found herself confined in the dog crate, until my floor was dry.

Interesting notice, in the morning paper: they're having a photo contest. Since the UA teams are the Wildcats, the paper is looking for pix of "mildcats". The prizes are cat treats. A picture of Rowdy goes in the mail, tomorrow.

Ghys, hope your bathroom gets straightened out. Bill tells me that, when we put in the new surround and doors, I'll have to do without a shower, for that weekend. Think I'll get a motel room or, go stay with my parents.
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well, what do you know? hubby just told me that i am a smart wife and i just saved him money!
The trunk key thingy has been sticking for a while and he has been saying that he needs to go and get a new key thingy and today while he was cleaning the car i suggested using wd-40 and what happens but now all the locks are working smoothly. Aint I a genius? of course, it takes a female to work that out!
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Just remember this formula: If it moves and it shouldn't, use duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use WD-40.
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YAY, Kellye!!! Chock another one up for womankind!

Cindy - LOL! (Though sorry to hear about your morning! It does get tiring, sometimes, doesn't it? But you just can't stop loving them anyway..... )

Hi all! It started raining yesterday, and hasn't stopped. We had to run errands yesterday, and today we're doing Spring cleaning. Lazlo and Shelly have been having lots of fun exploring the empty bathroom cabinets.

Jan - hadn't read your thread yet. Sorry to hear it (but hate to say...the short version made me chuckle a bit. I hate the idea of "laughing" at your expense - but if it were a movie, it sure seems awfully cute....)

Ghys - I missed the "unexpected remodeling job," - hope everything's going to be OK real soon! ...and it IS a wonderful feeling to have truly "good" friends.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their days! Gotta get back to putting things away.....

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Hi everyone,

Haven't been on much lately - but after our move this Fri/Sat I'll finally have real free time. I can't wait. We find out tomorrow if we got accepted to rent one of the houses we looked at. Nothing like finding out on Monday if you have a place to move into on Friday!

So this afternoon I'm taking a break from packing to dye my hair. I have never dyed my hair before because it's a really really dark brown (looks almost black) and so no color would ever show up. I've bleached little streaks before just for fun in college, but that's it. Today I'm going RED! But I first have to bleach my whole head (I'll be blonde for a day!) and then later dye it red. I'm hoping my hair doesn't fall out after two dyes in such a short period! I'll let you know! I can't wait to take a photo of my hair now, then blonde, then red!

Hope everyone has a good Sunday afternoon/evening.
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REDHEADS ROCK! sorry. i couldn't pass up the opportunity!

it's okay to laugh, laurie. the thought of peanut butter on the walls should be funny. luckily it's a room that hasn't been painted yet! oh my -- i guess i will HAVE to paint it now, won't i?

right on, kellye! way to fix it! WD40 is an amazing thing, isn't it?
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Well I have spent my day dealing with a flooded basement.

Between the melting 2 feet of snow and the 2 1/2 inches of rain we got yesterday and last night, it was more than the sump pump could handle. So we are sweeping about 4 inches of water from the far end of the basement towards the sump pump, which (bless its little heart, if it has one) is working like a trooper. Periodically, I need to shut off the pump and clean wads of cat hair out of the drain.

The litterboxes were down in the basement, until yesterday, that is. We've moved three of them up to the kitchen. The kitties were all excited to see what their humans were up to, until they realized it involved WATER!
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hello everyone

i sundays - unless i have a deadline on monday and have left it till the last possible moment, such is my predicament

i think i'll watch 1st To Die tonight, as i haven't read any of James Patterson's novels & i'm sick of award shows. except the Oscars, i can't wait for those

i am hoping for a calm, soothing, pain-free week this week. i desperately need some relaxation time, i need to de-stress
i want to take a lot of baths, have time with the cats everyday, time alone to read, quality time with Cameron, time to make soups, time to visit my grandma & play cards time to write, time to nap and do laundry, to go for 20 minute walks everyday and have time for yoga, to reply to emails & start spring cleaning, go shopping! cross things off the to-do list, listen to music, time to watch movies and buy flowers... tulips! that would be my perfect week. no stress. or at least a huge decrease in stress

i feel so full of love today, group hug!

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blue - you mentioned in another thread that you have fibromyalgia (sp?)
There is a book I am reading called The Core Program (recommended by Russian Blue) and I read it, it says that the exercises are good for fibromyalgia - not hard on the body but good for the pain and it stretches your core (which is the torso area)

just a thought for you.
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Blue - sounds like a wonderful week.

Here's hoping your day-dream comes true!

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Well the storm finally finished dumping us with snow last night. Toronto only received 17cm where outlining areas received up to 30cm. From all the people complaining of the snow (and this is the first 'big' storm we have had all season) you would figure we live in Hawaii!! But we are Canadians after all, and Canadians love to complain about the weather!

Big Kat, I have had every possible colour of hair and was a redhead for a year. If I could maintain the 'vibrancy' of the colour, I would have kept being a redhead. Unfortunately, usually by the third week, the red was faded and I didn't want to do that much upkeep. Oh, I wish I was a natural like Auburn!

Kellye, how could you say you love renovating?? I think these words are coming from a person who has never had to live through a big renovation!! Come to my place, I'll change your mind! Know, remodelling (ie: painting, decorating) sure! Not big renovations!

I think Hell froze over last night. Rob got a cold!!! I have known him for 7 years and he never gets sick. I think he even has to take a sick day from work tomorrow. This will be the first time he has ever taken a sick day in 7 years! I made my famous minestrone soup, so he's feeling a 'bit' better.

Have a good night everyone!

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yah, i have to excercise everyday i do stretches in the morning, and at night. i have to walk everyday, for at least 5-10 minutes, but i'd like to be able to go 20-30 minutes everyday. i am really starting to enjoy my walks, but they still kick my butt, or i should say, my back, so i can't go for too long at one time right now. i can't "over-do" it. i am trying to strengthen my muscles, and get in shape.

i do yoga at home about 2-3 times a week, and i go swimming twice a week.

but it's a long journey for me. i am not in good health, and mostly feel like i'm not making any progress, though logically i know i am, it is just going to take a long time.

thanks for thinking of me.

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we're going to start training the cats this week so i can bring one with me every time i go walking, which would just be so great. especially since the weather is starting to get warm and the days are longer, and quite beautiful
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thanks Laurie -- me too
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Thread Starter "Renovator" is snoring on the couch! The tub is resting comfortably up against the toilet in an upright position. The Gyprock (who ever came up with the spelling for that ought to be shot!!! It took forever for me to spell it) is in the hallway up against the wall and my faucets their boxes.

*sigh* it did not go as planned but, I really can't say anything because hubby went out to plow so early and only came home at 11:00am. HOWEVER....he was the one who tore everything apart knowing that the storm was coming.

Looks like it'll be a sink full of suds and a face cloth washing tonight. Just like the olden days.......Wooohooo! hubby was sick a couple weeks ago and just like yours, it was the first time in about 7 years that he has ever been that sick. In all that time, he missed one day of work. It's a tough one this year. Hope he feels better.

Blue....I hope your ideal week comes true.

Big Kat...good luck with your hair and please!

Laurie, Spring cleanin? Yikes! Now that is alot of work. How is hubby feeling?
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Kass - my parents have been renovating their house and I always help out when I get the chance - I love it!!!!
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Well, my parents came over today, Dad & Mike went to the fishing stores, while Mom and I worked on a dress. I'm still learning how to sew really well on a machine. Most of what I've made were either simple, like cat pillows, or done by hand. We picked up Lady and Missy from the shelter again, they have a different antibiotic to try. The shelter took them to a specialist who thinks the eye problems are from a Herpes virus that they contracted as kittens (same thing the regular vet told us) and will never go away completely. So my bathroom is now occupied, and I can't take baths again for a while (we have 2 bathrooms, one with a bathtub, one with a shower... I'm still gonna shower )

Ah, well, hopefully they'll get better. The gal who normally is fostering them is going to be out of town for a few days, and they needed someone they could trust to give the kids their medicine correctly. I couldn't foster full time, it was too hard on us before. Boo does NOT like other cats around, she tries to fight with a stray we have outside. It's funny to watch them attacking each other with a window between them.
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My sunday was a quiet happy one . The weather was fine : sunny & cold . So we went out for a good walk . SUPER-REFRESHING !!!
My Inka was feeling a bit sick , she vomited 3 times . But it was because she tried that new plant ... ! Will have to get rid of it!!
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