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Gas for the truck, a new lampshade and a really cool lamp for the bedroom, some rechargable AAA batteries and a metal statue of the Eifel tower and assorted groceries.
Oh and Steven King's latest book and a book on menopause (author was on Oprah).
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We bought grocercies, lubricants for our automated litter box, and tickets for autographs and pictures with the A's players at the Fanfest Saturday. Rich Harden
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Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
I'm just being curious. Today I got some prescriptions, new underwear, some candy, cat litter and two new cat beds. The new cat beds look so comfortable I wish I could sleep in them myself!
Just this past Saturday I went to Kohl's and bought another winter nightgown and a pair of slippers, my old slippers were really getting ratty . I lucked out since there was a big sale there so prices were really good.
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Originally Posted by LoveMyCatsWSQ View Post
Well since I got my paycheck late today...I got some shopping done.

3 new cat collars
1 bottle of cat perfume
3 Candy Bars
6 cans of cat food
1 bag of dog treats

Lol yeah its a weird list I know.
What is cat perfume.
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I guess that would be groceries, unless you count going to Wendys for lunch today. I can't afford to buy anything else at the moment.
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Groceries.....also got me a sweater at JcPenney(super sale! Got it for $9.99 and it was regularly $40!!) Also got me a new purse, some panties,got my daughter a couple spring outfits and some ultra cute shoes!!! Oh and all the animals got treats!!
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computer desk and a desk printer tommorrow!
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I went to JcPenny on friday and got $96 worth for $28! That included one pair of cord pants, a romper, a pair of nice warm socks, and 5 pairs of underwear.

I just love sales....only way to buy!
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Well, since it looks as if we're gonna be w/o a computer for who knows how long, I "splurged" and bought myself a new keyboard for my WebTV: the old one was sticking so badly that I was breaking my nails trying to use it.

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Shampoo and a disposable digital camera.
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As of 1:00 today we will be buying our new house in full!!!!!! We move in 72 hrs after closing I'm sooooooo excited!!!
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Kitty supplies and My bengal kitty
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Today I bought, a 12-pack of Diet Coke, a 2Pc Chicken meal for lunch & a 3 pack box of kleenex (I've got a wonderful cold going)
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