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What's The Last Thing You've Bought?

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I'm just being curious. Today I got some prescriptions, new underwear, some candy, cat litter and two new cat beds. The new cat beds look so comfortable I wish I could sleep in them myself!
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groceries. I spent $107 and the slip said I saved $74. buying sales items. silly I know but I am proud of my shopping
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groceries here as well
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A treat jar for the babies, some treats to fill it, gel air freshners, baby lotion, lipstick and a large latte
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Well since I got my paycheck late today...I got some shopping done.

3 new cat collars
1 bottle of cat perfume
3 Candy Bars
6 cans of cat food
1 bag of dog treats

Lol yeah its a weird list I know.
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We bought a 12 pack of Pepsi, a 1 liter Pepsi and Dr. Pepper, trail mix, and a Starbucks Mocha drink for John today at the little market up the road.
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Last thing I bought was groceries
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I bought new shoes today!! I went to Dillards planning on getting a pair of boots to wear to work. I found some really cute ones (brown leather with a little buckle on them) but then I saw a pair of pumps that I fell in love with. They're bright red and sparkley with three tiny hearts on the outside of the heel. They kind of look like the Ruby Slippers. So I got both pairs. I had a gift certificate so it was okay
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Cold medicine for DH and a few groceries.

I'm thinking of ordering some cds later since I still have a couple of gift cards I haven't used yet - and I haven't met January's cd quota.
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Some cleaning supplies, a three pack of Brita filters for my pitcher, and a car air freshner before I left work on Friday.
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Just a few things for supper at the gas station.
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Bought two new "going out" shirts with my friend earlier. Then we went to AJ's food and found this bottled water I love called VOSS. They used to sell it at Albertsons.
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I bought lots of things today.
Started at Petsmart buying all sorts of things for the kitties, litter, food, treats, things of that nature.
Went on to the Lowes looking for a new back for our tub and found one but haven't actually gotten it yet.
Then to the Mall to Pennys and bought a new everyday winter coat.
After that, to Steve and Barrys to get a new winter work coat.
Then finally to Walmart to get potting soil (for cat grass) and odds and ends for the house. All in all we spent, 70$ at Petsmart, $53 at Pennys (coat was on clearance ) $9 at Steve and Barrys (nice deal! ) and $90 at Walmart. We we didn't do to bad all in all considering usually we go WAY overboard on things when we go shopping. $222 total, nice.... Could've spent WAY more just on two coats. Gotta love clearance things!
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Last thing I bought was a connecter so I can put the spray nozzle onto the garden hose - not very exciting
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I picked up a Rx, got some more vitamins, AA batteries and bought 6 diet mountain dews.

That's it until after next pay day!
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Today I bought some potatos, cat treats, a package of pens, some Crystal Light and Garbage Bags...
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I went out to dinner with friends last night so the last thing I bought was my dinner. The next thing on my list to buy is gas for my car and the cars' "dinner" will be more than I spent on myself.
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A loaf of bread, 5 pounds of potatoes, a package of athletic socks, and 54 pounds of Kitty Litter
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Technically (8pm) the last thing we bought was a gallon of milk on the way home from the cat show.....

But if you are not really counting that, then I bought this really nice folding cart - its great for shows. You put the carrier, show bag and litter pan and strap it all down and away you go. This is SOOO much easier then having both hands full - I don't know why we didn't think of it earlier.

We got one at Walmart for $20 and it holds up to 120 lbs
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it would of been food shopping! very rare that i get to buy myself something nowadays
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Science Diet cat food
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Let me see...last thing I bought was gallon of milk loaf of bread and some vegan cheese Right now things are very tight due to me being out of workso no extras for us but its alright Ive learned a lot and am doing an alright job of keeping positive!
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a paintball gun for my son, my bf's son has it, she bought it for him,
he has only shot it once! $100 gun, used once, includes equipment, I got it, and the trimmings for $75 ! Then this week is baseball sign up another $80 bucks! Man, no money to buy myself anything! oh well! he's worth it!!!! Spoiled brat
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Last night - gas.
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I bought gas this morning, as for an "un-neccessity" I can't really remember! Was probably a few weeks ago with my Christmas gift cards
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I bought a movie on the weekend...
1408. I really like that one
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The Litter Robot
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Latest things we bought: A digital camera, the matching printer, & a new fridge!
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Oh i've just remembered something else i bought?. I've started buying some gift bags for christmas presents
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