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a little query

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Is this usual, my kittens like to hide under bed covers, cushions the tablecloth...when they get in they stay really still like theyre hiding.

If i lift up the cover they sometimes come out and then back up and go back under, theyre always purring so i think they like it but I thought cats didnt like to be covered up ??

on behalf of Lyra and Snowbell
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My girl Lucky likes to bury under the covers, there is often a lump on my bed,
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Pepper loves to hide under the covers, or in the blanket I keep on the couch.
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It is warm and I think it makes them feel safe.
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my cats sometimes like to crawl under the blankets too...
my little girl hides under the living room rug sometimes...
but I know she likes to hide in the back of the linen closet. and sleep
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It's dark, warmer, they're hidden -- what's not to love?
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I knew a cat whose name was Mole for that reason

Only one of my cat's likes that, and only occasionally. He also gets very alarmed if anyone moves suddenly around him when he is undercover, so he does feel a bit threatened about being covered up (especially because his brother does like to jump him exactly then...)
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Kit loves that! One day, my fiancee threw her coat over him, just playing... he didn't pop out like usual, so I lifted her jacket, and he'd laid down, and was sleeping, purring like a motorboat
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Swanie does it, he loves to burrow in whatever is available, blankets, towels, whatever. And if I pet him when he's burrowed, he purrs like mad.
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When I moved to an apartment with only a cat scratching post as furniture, my cat Athena quickly learned to love burrowing under blankets. She still loves to do it, and Artemis will do it very rarely. When I'm curled up with a blanket, there is usually a cat under the blanket with me.

A cat I lived with a long time ago used to go under sheets only when I made the bed, and then only to play, for a short period of time. Before Athena started doing it, I couldn't believe that cats would actually want to the restricted air space and danger of getting squished, but some do.
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it's probably that hunter instinct being in the dark being stealthy. Perhaps they are pretending to be batman. lol
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My kitten digs and burrows wherever he can...I think it's adorable.
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