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This is for all

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T- is for the Time we share, the love that makes us tight.
H- is for the Humor here which makes cyber-world so bright.
E- is for the Ecletic band that gathers here to post.

C is for the Cats we have, it's them we love the most.
A- is for dear sweet Anne, the designer of this place.
T- is for the daily Threads that all of us embrace.

S- is for the Smiles that come as we catch up on our lives.
I- is for the Intelligent posts that makes us all think twice.
T- is for the Togetherness, the respect with each hello.
E- is for Every newcomer who's welcome on this board.

F- is for the Friendships that have started building here
O- is for the Offering of a cyber hug or cheer.
R- is for Remarkable, the way this board does gather friends.
U- is for the Unity of friendships without end.
M- if for the Magic, it helps to break the strife.
and May we all Meet someday, someplace, not just in Cyberlife!
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Hissy that is excellent!

I really look forward to more poems and stories!
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that really was awesome! it couldn't have been more perfect
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Amen to that
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I loved it - I am going to make it into a t-shirt design soon. The site that has the shirts and mugs store cannot have multiple designs now but they're going to have it available in 2-3 weeks (so they say) and then I'll add new designs - including this one.

Thanks Hissy!
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Hissy, I cried. What a great tribute to the site and everyone here.
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Anne that is so cool that my poem spoke to you in that way. I would love to have a shirt with it on it, so let me know when they are available. You do honor me with your actions. I am really stoked right now!
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Well done!

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