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Made my boys a scratch post!

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I'm almost embarrased to post this since it pales in comparison to some of the grand cat trees on here BUT I did make it myself yesterday so I am quite proud and, for now, it's much better than Gibson and Isaac using the couches...!
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Hehe, better than what I could've done. I've never attempted to make something like that before, lol!
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Very nice!!!
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he he - it was actually VERY easy and since we had everything I needed, once I was in the 'zone' there was nothing to stop me!

They haven't used it much today yet, what with all the sleeping that needs to be done and such...
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Okay, put new links to the pictures in here
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We try to make everything for our cats instead of buying so we make a lot of our cats scratching stuff and their other fun kitty things...its fun to make them stuff Makes them happy too!

Good job on the scratching post - your kitty must love it already!
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cool. I haven't made anything for the cats yet...(i'm not that good at that stuff..ask me to build a computer I can...anything
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It looks great! Don't think I could do that. What did you use for the base and the post? The cats seem to really like it - good job!
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that looks great!
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It looks very professional to me! Kitty would love a nice big scratching post like that
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Hi !!

I never thought of making one !!
It is a great idea !
I live in a greek island and I wanted to buy one online but shipping costs to greece were astronomical and i gave up ! In the city those things are so so expensive !

I will go tomorrow to buy some wood and carpet traces .... take a hammer and some glue and make my own !
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That looks great!
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