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TCS Member Input Needed!

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Hi everyone! We are thinking about updating our collection of smilies here on the site. We also think that perhaps some of our current smilies could be phased out. We are asking you to:

1. Post your top 10 favorites smilies that we have here.

2. Post your 10 least favorite smilies

This will give us a better of idea as to which smilies MUST stay and which ones we could get rid of.

Thanks a lot for your help.
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Those are my faves...

:madalien: :dali: :homer: :witch: :mimouse: :rainbow: :split:
I don't hate those, but they seem, ummm... less than useful.

And you could cut down on smilies that are the same but different colors...

Is there any chance that you could let us download them in a zip file so that some of the regulars won't lose their favorites?

You never know when you might need a smilie with a rainbow afro....:afrorainb
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my favourites:

my least used ones:
:blossom: :girlie: :chicken: :madalien: :homer:

i noticed some of them aint working
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ha ha lola.

most fav;

least fav;
:egypt: :dali: :chicken: :madalien: :clown: :rednose: :flash:
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i like these...

and i love the blobs.
there's also one i've seen for ROFL, but i can't find it.

don't like so much...

:blossom: :homer: :kitty5: :bubbly: :foot:
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My favorites:

My least favorites:

:girlie: :egypt: :homer: :martian: :opposite: :girly1: :girly2: :rednose:

I love all the blobs!
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I guess you can pretty much get rid of everything else.
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Mods are members too, right????

My favs:

:vampireL: :LOL: (oops, that's more than 10 )

Ones I could live without:

:dali: :egypt: :madalien: :pinky: :clown: :martian: :witch: :opposite: :foot: :bubbly:

Of course, we must keep the blobs!!! (could get rid of the mirror blob, he messes up the line) (he's my favorite blob!)
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Yes, mods are members too!
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It's hard to just pick 10 smilies that I like, but here are some of my favorites:

:tounge2: :laughing2

And some I don't like as much:

:blossom: :girlie: :egypt: :homer: :afrorainb :foot: :bubbly: :girly1: :girly2:
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my favs:
:kitty5: :angel4:

and the ones I don't like:
:dali: :egypt: :chicken: :homer: :pinky: :clown: :witch: :afrorainb
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My favorites:


All the birthday smilies and all the blobs!!!

I know that it is WAY more than 10, sorry!

The rest of them I don't really use that much.
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I like these; :LOL:

Must keep the blobs AND the "party" ones, too.

Dump: :girlie: :dali: :homer: :jarswim: :witch: :afrorainb :karate:
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Fave ones: :laughing: :LOL: + all the birthday ones.

The rest can go and I don't like those blobs all that much....
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My favorites:

:tounge2: :LOL: :laughing:

My least favorites:

:girlie: :homer: :jarswim: :karate: :pinky: :witch: :afrorainb:
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:foot: :pinky: :jarswim: :homer: :chicken: :blossom: :girlie: .:dali: :egypt:
these are my least favorite
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the ones i like:

:confused3 :confused2 :angel2: :disturbed :goodbad: :flower:

the ones i don't like:

<--- way too dark yellow. :vampireL: :opposite: :afrorainb :rednose: :sleep3: :lips: :mimouse: :angel4: :karate: :icecream: :egypt: :dali::evilalien :homer:

and i think we need different/new icons for posts.

the thumb up & thumbs down are reddish, and that disturbs me a bit.

i think these would be way better: and a little heart maybe: and this guy ---> instead of this guy
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My favorites: :flower:

I really don't use the others.
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I use this one to end all my posts () If you got rid of this one, I would have to leave the board since I couldn't finish my posts!!

I use these the most:

:tounge2: :LOL:

I've never used these ones and probably never will:

:blossom: :girlie: :egypt: :dali: :eye&mouth :icecream: :karate: :jarswim: :homer: :kitty5: :bubbly: :girly1: :girly2: :teddy:

(<------ see? I'm a winker and this signals the end of my post!)
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Great input, you guys. Keep it coming! (although this thread now takes forever to load! LOL) Seems we have a lot of smilies that could be dumped (thanks, Cindy) in favor of some more updated ones. Once I research a good site that will let us upload their stash, I'll post a bunch and we can vote on the most popular ones to add to the TCS smilie bank.
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Oh no!!! Three votes so far against :jarswim: !!!!!

I :jarswim: !
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me too, :jarswim: is a classic !
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thank you blue!!! at least someone understands!
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These are all okay
:tounge2: :tounge2: :LOL: :confused3
Everything else can be dumped. I also noticed a lot that do not show up. Could be my computer.
Denise Russell
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Denise, I think some of the smilies are just slow to appear. They all do show up, but you have to wait for about a minute. (This is what I see happening on my own computer.)
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Eep! No!! I like the one! :tounge2:
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My input as a member (Are owners members too? )

My favorites -

:disturbed :daisy: and most of the blobs - I know I know - way more than 10 I could go on really - I'd better move on to...

The ones I like the least -
:blossom: :girlie: :dali: :egypt: :madalien: :icecream: :karate: :pinky: :angel2: :vampireL: :witch: :opposite: :rednose: :kitty5: :bubbly: :girly2:
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I like these 10 the most
: :LOL: :tounge2:

I like these 10 the least
:girlie: :homer: :icecream: :pinky: :afrorainb :jarswim:
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Naturally, keep all of the cats.
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The ones I like :
:clown: :daisy: :laughing: :flower: and of course ALL the cats and the blobs

The ones I dislike :

:chicken: :dali: :egypt: :evilalien :disturbed :vampireL: :blossom: :girlie: :karate: :afrorainb
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