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Time to get up!

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Does any one else have this problem? I love to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock in the morning and catch a few extra zzz. Well, as soon as my cats hear the alarm clock go off, they are every where. They get on the dresser and start playing with stuff, and jumping on the beds, and meowing. I wonder if I even need an alarm clock, or if maybe I could just set my cats?! Any one got any suggestions, or should I just continue to knock him in the head wit a pillow every morning?!
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haha Murfie does that every morning even before my alarm goes off!

maybe u should wind their tails up to set them as your alarm
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I have that problem on the weekends...I'm usually pretty good at getting up right at 5 when my alarm clock goes off on weekdays. My babies don't understand the concept of a weekend and end up waking me up around 5 am on weekends too.
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Pepper gets used to me getting up at 7 on the weekdays, so on the weekends when I try and sleep in she wakes me up by pawing my face at 7am almost on the dot... I guess I'll never be late to work cause of sleeping in, though, right??
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Who needs an alarm clock, Lucky wakes me up between 6:30 and 6:45 every morning, If you find away to shut her alarm off. I would be very happy
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