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small problem

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hi, i've been around the site all the time but never needed to post anything nor i had anything to contribute to the site...now i have a little problem for which i dont seem to find the answer...please help...

my cat jump off the balcony yesterday. we live on a second floor...he had done this once before and nothing happened to him but yesterday, after i went downstairs and got him back...couple of hours later i noticed a little patch of hair by his lip was missing and he had just a little cut...after lookin closely, i noticed his inside of the lip has a couple of discolored skin patches that seem to be continuatin from the patch that is missing hair...

i honestly dont think this is from him jumping and maybe hurting himself on the way down... i cleaned his lip to see how he felt about it but it doesnt hurt him or anything when i touch the area...all his teeth are fine, no chip nor broken teeth...

he also has a little patch of missing hair on his eyelid...something like if he had put on withe eyeliner and just made a thin line...he is gray and the white line of missing hair while is not huge, it is visible... he is shedding a lot of hair, while he is long hair i think the amount of hair he is shedding is a little too much...you can also see some areas around his head where the hair seems to be just not abundant so it just looks a little lighter....

anybody has anything that could help on this i would really appreciate it....i just dont wanna go to the vet just tp be told...oh its nothing ...pay me 80$ and go home...

thank you.
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I would consult a vet....just because in my experience, cats do not tell you what is wrong...and waiting can sometimes make problems worse. He might just have a scrape, but skin conditions can get out of control pretty quickly, and it's hard to diagnose them at home....allergies, food quality, etc....just my opioion, though...might be best to take him to the vet...Good luck!
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