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If someone has a health problem then no one should get offended, they should be understanding in my opinion.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
Nope, I would not be offended in the least -- particularly so if the request was prefaced with a brief comment about the compromised immune system. That would make it a no-brainer. And I'd be glad to use whatever was offered. I usually have a bottle of hand sanitizer not far away, in case of need when there's not soap and water available.
Same here, but then I grew up with a relative nearby who had a compromised immune system.

although I know people who would get offended. We get people to wash their hands after handling sick cats at the shelter so it doesn't spread and the number of people who just stick their hands under the water for a second and then wipe them off on their pants makes me
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No, I wouldn't be offended if somebody asked me to wash my hands.

Now if they asked me to go take a shower...............
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Originally Posted by catcaregiver View Post
No, I wouldn't be offended if somebody asked me to wash my hands.

Now if they asked me to go take a shower...............
yes that might be a little offensive
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Just be truthful. If someone can't handle that and is offended, it's their problem.

Were it me, I would go so far as to tell anyone that if they thought they were coming down with a cold to not come over and for anyone else that lived with them to stay home too.
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Originally Posted by novemberflowers View Post
...Maybe spreading the word before the get-together...
I think that would be a great idea... nobody should be offended in the first place, but by explaining it beforehand, you get a chance to educate those few who may not know enough about biology to catch on right away.

Hand sanitizers are better than nothing, but a really good handwashing with hospital soap is so much more effective. And less painful, too! If your hands are the least bit chapped, those sanitizers hurt!

But y'know, I'm not sure handwashing is enough. I think most people would understand if you just hosed 'em down on the driveway before you let 'em in... and it sure would liven up the party!
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Would it offend you if you went to someone's house for dinner or a small party and you were asked to wash your hands when you came in because someone who lives in the house has a compromised immune system?

Would it be more polite to be offered some sanitizing gel when you walked in?

Is there any way this could be requested without being offensive?
my question would why are they even asking people over,
since most things are going to be in the air anyway.
If that bad, they should not ask people over.

i would not be offened, but i dont think i would go.
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I wouldn't be offended at all. Just be sure to ask in a polite manner, and if they don't know about the person with the immune system problem, explain the situation. I really don't think most people would mind.
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I would definitely not be offended at all. My best friend's mother (who was like my second mother) had a very long battle with cancer that compromised her immune system, and I scrubbed like a surgeon every time I went into that house.

Just explain the situation, and add "it's nothing personal; we all carry germs!" or something if the person acts offended.

Especially this time of year!
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Originally Posted by StacyD1987 View Post
I wouldn't mind, especially with the cold season going on.

By the way, one of the dirtiest and most common thing in the world is paper money! Think about it, you can't exactly wash them and they pass through thousands of hands.
I wash paper money weekly - in my laundry. Hubby is always leaving some in his jeans.

Seriously back to the question - I cannot imagine any caring person would be offended over such a request. It's really a safety issue in my mind and I'd be happy to comply with such a simple request.
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I don't understand why one should be offended even if no reason was given IF the request was polite. After all I am coming to your house and it is not unreasonable request... I certainly would not be offended and I like to wash my hands when I have been out and about anyway.

Indeed I have a little bit of a hard time understanding people who get offended when asked to do certain things at other people's homes. Like I come from a culture where it is customary to remove shoes when you come into somebody's house. It amazes me how many Americans find it offensive that I request this from them. I have lived in several countries and this is new to me. There have been several instances of outright refusal even. It's not like I am trying to tell my house is cleaner than everybody else's or that I think your shoes are disgusting(ly more dirty than mine - which I do remove when I come to your house). I just do not like outside dirt on my rugs where I snuggle with my kitties
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