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Is this normal?

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Rusty and Dusty are the 2 kittens I got a week ago. they are now 8 weeks old. In the last couple of days, Rusty has started to try and nurse on Dusty.. Dusty looks just like the mom. I know they were a bit too young to be taken from the mother, but if I didn't take them, someone else would have and probably split them up. Should I discourage Rusty from this? Dusty does not seem to mind. They are both eating good and are gaining weight.
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A little bit of this behavior is normal since they are much too young. But if it is causing any irritation on the other cat or if it continues then I would try to stop it. Its sad when people don't realize the importance of keeping kittens with their mothers until around 12 weeks of age.
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Hmmm, I love it when my cats do it, and I actually encourage it, I pet them and such when they are nursing on their blankys! My MIL hates it when cats do that and makes them stop, but its cute I think! Not to mention at 8 weeks they are normally still suckling off mom, so some suckling should be expected! Good luck!
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My cat, Chloe, was found wandering the streets at 4 weeks with her sister and was bottlefed and taken care of by a foster mom (and foster mom's cat). Bottlefed babies and babies weaned too early sometimes develop weird suckling behaviors. Chloe *loves* to "nurse" on our soft blankets. She goes into a trance and coos and purrs so loud. What your kitten is doing sounds very normal. Maybe you can try redirecting the kitten onto something like a soft blanket (like fleece)?
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