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Outdoor Enclosures

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Hi all...I am new to this board and is my first post. I already have a screened in porch but want to put up a cat enclosure next to the porch accessible by a cat flap. For those of you who have already done this, should I put anything down for a floor or just leave it as is....the lawn? I can't put concrete down. I was thinking about getting a chain link fence kit from Home Depot that is about 10 x 10 I think and about 6 ft high. Any thoughts? Experience? I have 8 cats. Thanks, Brenda
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No experience here but it's something I'm looking into as well.

My ideal plan so far is to do something that actually encloses a tree we have that is not very tall. I was also hoping to use some sort of branches for the wood, giving them a lot of natural places to climb and scratch. I hadn't planned on putting anything down on the ground. I was thinking I would have the bottom branches anchored down somehow so that it was very secure.

I'm hoping some people here have actually done this and can help us out!
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We have one that we made from a 6 by 8 dog pen, chain link. We have ours on the side of our house, and took out the chain link from that panel and put in a cat door. We put down a concrete pad, just a couple of inches thick, you could also use those pavers that you can buy, the square ones. We bought a 6 by 8 fence panel to put on the top, it is solid, and we have a center post in the middle for support, and we wired it to the top rail so it doesnt move, but it leaks when it rains and we shut it off at nite and when it rains. The cats love it, but the only thing is, other animals can have a little bit of contact with your animal. Just nose to nose contact. We live in Georgia with a huge mosquito problem so we only let them out in it in the daytime. They love it though. We screened in our back porch and were going to take it down but they still like to use it too. When it gets dirty we just wash it down with the hose and sprayer and it stays clean.
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I don't have a cat enclosure myself, but I know kimward34 does... she had a link posted so we could view it... lemme see here...


That's Kim's cats' enclosure. (Hope you don't mind me posting the link, Kim, it's just such a lovely enclosure. ) And I believe she said she purchased the blueprints for it from:


Hope that helps!
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