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Breakfast Time!

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George has a new thing he likes to do when I'm having breakfast. As soon as he sees me pouring a bowl of cereal for myself, he'll hop up on the other chair at the table and sit with me while I eat!

And once I am almost done and I start to drink the last bit of milk in the bowl, he hops down from the chair and sits next to me because he knows he's getting a tiny drop of milk for a treat.

If I ever eat some other kind of food out of the same cereal bowl, he does the same thing because he thinks he's getting a treat! So cute!

"Just hanging out here on MY chair."

"Are you going to give me the milk yet or what?!?"
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Aaaaw! He's so sweet!! Look at that little face!!
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Aww! That's so cute!!
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aww! what a sweetie
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Awwww he's so handsome
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Awww, That is very cute!
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He is very handsome, but I think he really means business in that second pic...

I've seen that face myself...
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lol thats soo cute! my little boy salem will come around me when i'm eating....
but he sometimes tries to climb on me to check out dinner...
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He's got that "I'm very well behaved. By the way, you OWE me something, don't you?" look going on.
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